Dog Aggression Training and Rehabilitation

The Symptoms of Dog Aggression and What You Can Do About It

Everyone adores your dog until it gets angry. This aggression is extremely dangerous as an angry or agitated dog could hurt anyone severely. This is why; dog owners refer to professional dog trainers, behaviorists, and veterinarians.

Many people also think that not all, but dogs from certain breeds are aggressive. This isn’t true because any breed can become dangerous when angry. The only difference is that an aggressive pit bull can cause bigger damage than an aggressive Chihuahua.

In any case, it gets stressing for dog owners to deal with an anxious furball. According to experts, anger management is possible in dogs. This aggression indicates your dog’s dominance and frustration. They suggest the frustration occurs in dogs due to lack of exercise and lack of calm-assertive leadership leads to dominant behavior.

Moreover, these symptoms can also help to identify when your dog is angry.

  • It starts growling.
  • It becomes rigid and extremely still.
  • It shows teeth when super angry.
  • It barks and sounds threatening.
  • It attacks a person – which is referred to as a “muzzle punch.”
  • It snarls, which is a combination of showing teeth and growling.
  • It bites quickly and leaves a mark.
  • It keeps on biting.

Here is a guide to deal with your aggressive furball.

Schedule an appointment with a Veterinarian

According to experts, a medical problem could be a reason behind sudden aggression of your dog. This attitude shouldn’t be taken lightly as it might be a symptom of an underlying disease. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended. After a considerable checkup, he will identify the reasons behind your dog’s behavior.

Contact a Professional Behaviorist

Once you find out a medical problem, it is advised to contact a professional dog trainer. Sometimes this aggression is so intense that it gets troubling for you to manage alone. With the help of a professional, you will be able to work on certain behavioral aspects and characteristics of your pet.

Reasons behind Aggression

It is also necessary to find out what causes this rage and anger in your dog? It is noticed that most dogs growl when they sense someone is approaching them while they are eating. In most cases, it is observed that they react aggressively towards strangers. It is important for you to look for reasons that make your adorable pup angry.

Avoid Doing Things that can Anger your Pooch

After knowing the reasons that make your doggie angry, it is your responsibility to avoid any situation. You should keep away anything that makes them growl loudly. If your dog tries to attack strangers, you should keep it access limited to home to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Train your Dog

With the help of a trainer, you can plan how to calm your angry canine companion. Using positive reinforcement such as lots of praise and treats can do wonders for your dog. Try to show your dog that it is safe being with strangers by maintaining a considerable distance between a stranger and your dog. Give him lots of treats when it doesn’t growl. This practice will reduce your furry best friend’s aggression towards strangers.

Bottom Line

It is upsetting yet frightening to deal with your angry friend, but with the professional help and care, you can overcome it.

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