Duck Dynasty Dog Training

Alan Robertson and wife Lisa met Puptown Houston’s trainer Sheena at a local Houston charity event hosted by Inspire Women at which Alan happened to be the guest speaker. On further conversation the Robertson’s discussed how they were in search of a smaller breed house dog who would be well mannered and well trained, but most importantly be safe with all the kids. Sheena discussed different training options with them, and it was decided they would go through Puptown Houston’s puppy selection program.

Our puppy training program helps ensure we choose a puppy who has the right genetic traits and qualities a family is looking for. We test for intelligence, compliance, fear, bashfulness, handler engagement, and overall temperament to ensure the puppy we select will have the right energy levels, and easy to train to best suit your family.

With this in mind the Robertson’s employed that Puptown Houston not only help select their new puppy, but train it as well. It is a great honor to work with the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty and to help select and train their next dog. We look forward to having a great relationship moving forward.