Let a Dog Training Specialist Socialize Your Puppy

When it comes to a new puppy, early training is the key to a well-behaved pooch and overall good canine citizen.  Socialization means polite interaction with other dogs and people, which can be a big relief when it comes to having your puppy out in public.  The last thing people want to worry about is their dog hurting or scaring a person or another pooch.  At the same time, you want to make sure your dog is properly acclimated to the elements they will encounter all of their lives.  You also need to get your dog accustomed to being along, i.e. without their human by their side every moment.

Important Tips from a Dog Training Specialist

obedience training in WoodlandsGood canine manners and obedience training in Woodlands are only part of having a well-trained dog.  The third piece of the puzzle is socialization and while this is easiest to teach a puppy of young dog, it can be learned by dogs of any age.  Your dog will most likely be facing a multitude of people, places, and situations in their life and needs to be prepared for the outside world.  Dogs take a lot of time, money, patience, and persistence.  Hopefully you thought of these things before you got your pup and if you cannot devote these needs to a dog, you might want to consider your choice of pet.  If you can provide these necessities, you are most likely ready to be a great pet parent

The solution to socialization your puppy as early as possible is to entrust them to a Woodlands dog training specialist.  Here at Puptown Houston we understand how important proper training and socialization is, which is why we offer unique classes and training to make sure you will have a well-behaved dog.  With your permission, our training includes taking your dog to several different places where they will encounter a variety of people, situations, and other animals.  Socialization cannot be taught in a ring which is why Puptown exposes dogs to real-world situations as part of their training.  And we don’t just train pets, we train their owners too so they can continue to work with their dog and home and understand what their canine company specifically needs to learn necessary behaviors.

Start Early, Get Results

Woodlands dog training specialistThe reason we recommend professional dog training beginning as early as six weeks old is due to this being an “imprinting age”.  During this time your puppy will learn things that will stay with him/her for a lifetime.  This is the ideal window for a puppy to learn things like agility, basic obedience commands, house manners, potty training, and most importantly, socialization.  Hopefully a good breeder will begin teaching a puppy these things before they go to their new home, but here at Puptown our goal is to continue that training.  In fact, our immensely popular lodge and learn program allows your pup the experience of “doggy day camp” while being trained with positive reinforcement methods and sharing the company of other dogs.  Our minimum recommended stay for puppies is 10 days which includes two private training lessons.

Our socialization training goes beyond your puppy being around other dogs and people.  Puptown trainers will not only have your dogs in class, they will also take them on different “vacations” like to parks, stores, and other dog-friendly areas to teach them how to be polite and well-mannered in a variety of different situations.  We believe that learning should be versatile, realistic, and practical rather than taking place entirely in an isolated training ring.  We strive to familiarize puppies with a variety of environments and distractions, which can also help in identifying and overcoming any fears of phobias in dogs.  For example, if a puppy becomes distressed at the sound of a horn or siren, we will help that puppy become socialized and accustomed to the sound rather than fearful.

Work with the Best

If you have a new furbaby and are ready to work with the best dog trainers in the Houston area, contact Puptown Houston today to get started on a training journey for both of you.  And since training doesn’t stop at our facility, we are here to help train pet parents as well to ensure great results.  Don’t be surprised if we assign both of you “homework”!  Having a dog is pure joy and can give both of you years of happiness and wonderful memories.  This experience is made all the better with a well-behaved dog that you can bring almost anywhere with you to enjoy experiences together.



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