Pomskies & Why We Love Them!

Have you ever wanted a husky? Dreamed about owning one of these cute furry northern companions then sat down on your couch of your one bedroom apartment and realized with overwhelming sadness … no way… Husky’s just are not meant for the average family and can be even more difficult in a apartment setting. Their stubborn attitude and high energy levels make them a breed meant for experienced dog owners, but does this mean we should give up our snow dog dreams?

Lets talk about the Pomsky! A crossbred Husky x Pomeranian. Basically the forever Husky puppy. You get an adorable puppy that has all the artic looks of a Husky, in the size of a Pomeranian.

The problems with crossbreeds can sometimes be temperaments, which is why we always recommend choosing a reputable breeder when selecting a puppy who will understand their health needs and how well they will match with your family! Check out this awesome Pomsky breeder

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