Christina Terry

I can't say enough about Sheena! WOW, WOW, WOW. We can’t thank Sheena enough, she has turned our life and Heidi’s life around to be more positive. It is worth what it cost PLUS tons more. You also get a LIFETIME guarantee for the dog’s life on all trained activities and knowledge. You also get FREE access to the classes that happen multiple times a month. Thank you Sheena, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.. Let me tell you our story...We have Heidi, she is a 10 month old German Shepherd. We got her around 2 months and she was amazing but progressively got aggressive towards dogs and humans to the point where we couldn't even take her on walks or out front. If a dog was across the street she would try to get away from us to attack it. The vet office members were scared of her, my neighbors didn't want to come over, she would pull so hard on leashes I would bruise. She was fine with family but other than that she was horrible. Don't get me wrong, we loved her but were slowly giving up hope on having a "good" dog. In comes Sheena with Puptown. We met her at a Home and Garden Show in The Woodland. We boarded Heidi with her for 2 weeks for her training. When we got there to board, Heidi didn't try to attack her which was AMAZING! Sheena gave us updates on Heidi almost every day, taught her AMAZING commands that you literally have to say "free" to get her out of and specified the training for what Heidi needed. Most places have a cookie-cutter method of training, not Sheena. She views every dog as an individual and trains them in a specific way. Sheena took her to do a show in the Woodlands a week into training and invited us to see her progress, when we walked around the corner and saw her sitting there on her perch, no leash, tons of people and dogs walking by, petting her, kissing her, etc, we literally couldn’t even move we were in such shock. For the past 6 months we have been told by numerous trainers that she will not be a dog that is meant to be around other people and dogs and here she was getting kisses from KIDS on the face! Just amazing. It was on that day that she asked us if we wanted to continue training in English or train her in German or French too. We chose French and now Heidi is bilingual in English and French for her commands. You can give her commands in a mix of English and French and she will listen to them. Anyways, we went to go get her and Sheena told us we were going to a dog park, yes, A DOG PARK… Sheena had taken her multiple times throughout training but we just didn’t believe it. As we were walking through the gates at the dog park my heart was in my throat. We let her off the leash and off she ran, playing around with other dogs, sharing toys and kisses, it was unbelievable. After being told SO MANY times that our dog will not be able to go to dog parks and then to see her just being a puppy and playing was such a great feeling. Thank you Sheena!!!!!