Christine Derryberry

My fur baby home safe and sound! I am telling you all she is a different dog. She is happy, loving, knows her commands, easy to walk with on a leash, happy to be home and knew exactly who I was the minute I walked in the door. When I first got her as a rescue she was all over the place. She is focused and listens! Maybe I should go there for some training. I highly recommend Pupstown Houston for training and kind caring of your dog. They even kept her for me for no charge during the storm and all the way through the process of finding a place for my mom to live. This training is also guaranteed. I can go back at anytime for more training or call if I have questions. I could not be happier and Hershey seems to be much more settled and happy as well. BIG BIG BIG shout out to Pupstown Houston. Thank you for saving both of us.