Shelley Austin

We rescued a 9 month old golden doodle ... We asked ourselves.... Did we make the biggest mistake of our lives? Understand my husband and I are empty nesters, we have Barclay our 5 year old doodle who is a perfect fit for our relatively peaceful life.... Enter Oliver...omg sweetest bright energetic doodle who has never had any training. We found Puptown Houston/Sheena through a neighbor who Sheena had trained her doodle - Flash forward... We sent both our pups to spend 2 weeks of training - cannot express how delighted we are with the transformation! Both dogs come when called, sit, stay, heel, and best of all climb! Thank you Sheena, if anyone doubts or questions the cost.... Trust me.... It's well worth it, and.... I expect Sheena will be a friend for life ❤️ Puptown Houston!