Three Benefits of Puppy Obedience Classes

There is nothing like a new puppy.  These adorable furbabies are warm, loveable, cuddly, and utterly irresistible.  As cute as your new puppy might be, it won’t be quite that cute when it starts behaving badly.  A dog can bring incomparable joy, but this usually happens when he or she is well behaved.  Remember, even if you think your puppy’s behavior is nothing short of precious, other people might not share your opinion.  Even when you are at home a dog needs to have good manners when it comes to having guests and let’s be honest, your dog christening an indoor potty spot might not be cute at all.

puppy training specialists WoodlandsIf you live in or near The Woodlamds, TX, then you are fortunate enough to be close to the best professional puppy trainers in the area.  Here at Puptown Houston, we offer a unique and personalized program when it comes to puppy training.  Our trainers understand that every dog is different and has different learning styles, therefore we do not have a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to puppy training.  Thanks to one of a kind method such as our doggy day camp and lodge and learn programs, you can rest assured that by leaving your precious pup in our capable hands, you will have a good canine citizen in no time at all.

Puptown’s puppy training specialists Woodlands start working with dogs as young as six weeks, and all training is done off leash!  All dogs go through an imprinting age, that is, a period that everything they learn will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  During this time, we will teach your puppy basic obedience commands, socializations skills, good manners, house etiquette, and even offer agility training.  Here are some additional details as to why our puppy training is so crucial to young dogs.

Learning to Obey

A dog is definitely easier to have around when he or she listens to you.  Sadly, one of the main reasons dogs, especially young dogs, end up in shelters or even left on the side of a road is because owners simple cannot handle the dog.  This terrible problem can easily be overcome with obedience training.

When a dog knows simple commands like sit, stay, heel, down, stop, and walks well on a leash, an owner will most likely be pleased with their dog’s behavior therefore build a healthy relationship with their pet.  As different breeds have different characteristics, both good and bad, Puptown will work with owners to design a customized program for each puppy.

Training Owners

Our dog and puppy training is every bit as much about training pet parents as it is training their four-legged companions!  Training does not stop at our facility or while pooches are in the care of our staff.  Training must also take place at home during and after a dog’s time at Puptown.  We teach and encourage people to work with their dogs for maximum results as repetition is the key to obedience skills.

We also try to instill in people that they have taken on a huge emotional and financial responsibility when it comes to taking proper care of a dog.  They require time, patience, love, discipline, and the same medical care you would give to other family members.  We want you and your canine companion to be happy and this is a tremendous part of our training.

Social Skills

puppy training specialists WoodlandsEven a dog is perfectly behaved at home, this is not a guarantee they will be so well-mannered in other places or when they come in contact with new elements.  Puptown’s unique training approach includes taking your puppy (with your permission) outside our facility and exposing the little guy/girl to a variety of different places and situations.  This means your pup being around other dogs, animals, people, sights, and sounds.

This is an effective yet gentle form of socialization.  It will also let our trainers find out if your dog has any fears/phobias or behavioral issues that can also be addressed during training.  Simply out, we want to help you make sure your puppy is ready for the “real world”.

A dog’s imprinting age is the perfect time for him/her to learn these skills and if there is any possibility of fears or behavioral issues, it is a key time to overcome them.  The imprinting age is also a critical time for you to bond with your puppy and start building a long, happy relationship based on love and trust.

While you do need to establish yourself as the “pack leader”, this can easily be accomplished through positive reinforcement training and again, basing a relationship on trust.  So if you have or will soon have a new puppy, contact Puptown Houston today to start your new friend’s exciting training journey.



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