Training Your Dog To Come or Recall

The Importance Teaching Your Dog The “Come” Command

The “come” command is considered the most important recall-command in obedience training. This
is where training is initiated and your dog understands the meaning of following instructions. Dogs
require off-leash time and are generally excellent at finding their way back to you, to manage their
off-leash time it is necessary that your dog runs back to you as soon as you call him.
Having a trained and emotionally balanced dog is a blessing, but this requires an effort from the
owner. Your dog should be able to respond to basic commands such as down, fetch, sit and come.
This is essential for the safety of your dog and is sure to help you manage your schedule while taking
your dog out to the park.
Spending time training your dog and playing with it can be very positive for both your moods and
health, but if your dog is unable to follow even the most basic commands, taking your dog out can
be very stressful.

How to teach your dog the “come” command

 Start indoors: Your un-trained dog is safe indoors and there are hardly any distractions
similar to the dog park or anywhere else. Some dogs are extremely attached to their owners
and do not maintain distance, to overcome this problem you can tell a friend to hold your
dog while you walk to the other side of the room
 Use treats: Dogs love treats, and you can use this to teach your dog to run towards you
every time you call them. You can sit down and wave their favorite treats around while
telling them to “come” this will get an immediate response.
 Appreciate their attention: Once your dog listens to you, give them the treat and praise their
effort. Be specific that the treatment is associated with their good listening skills

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