Simba American Pitbull who recently completed our Lodge and Learn: Advanced Dog program at Puptown Houston. Simba’s training journey was nothing short of remarkable. Throughout the program, he displayed an unwavering commitment to learning and an impressive ability to grasp complex commands with ease. Simba not only excelled in mastering advanced obedience skills but also thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Simba’s time at Puptown Houston was filled with excitement as he got to meet and bond with new puppy friends. His friendly and sociable nature shone through during group training sessions, where he not only sharpened his skills but also fostered meaningful connections with his fellow canine companions. Simba’s progress is a testament to his dedication, as well as the expertise and nurturing environment provided by our experienced trainers at Puptown Houston. We’re immensely proud of Simba’s achievements, and we look forward to seeing this bright and well-trained pup continue to thrive in his adventures ahead.