Blue Australian Shepherd recently wrapped up an intensive training journey here at Puptown Houston. In our Lodge and Learn: Advance Dog program, Blue made remarkable progress. He not only sharpened his obedience skills but also discovered the joys of socializing with new furry companions. Throughout his time with us, Blue exhibited unwavering determination and a zest for learning, which made him a true standout.

Blue’s training experience was a blend of hard work and tail-wagging fun. His dedication to advancing his skills was evident in each session. From mastering commands to improving his behavior in various situations, Blue showed a remarkable commitment to his training. He didn’t just excel in solo sessions; he also had a blast during group playtimes, forging lasting friendships with other pups. Blue’s journey at Puptown Houston not only transformed him into a well-behaved and disciplined dog but also allowed him to create delightful memories with his new puppy pals.