Eisley Belgian Malinois successfully completed our puppy training program. During her time with us, Eisley not only developed obedience skills but also had a wonderful experience socializing and making new puppy friends. Our dedicated trainers worked closely with Eisley to ensure she became proficient in commands like sit, stay, and come, laying the foundation for a well-behaved Eisle’s energy and intelligence made her an exceptional student, and he quickly grasped the training concepts.

Apart from obedience training, Eisley also had the chance to engage in stimulating play sessions with companions, which helped develop crucial socialization skills. This combination of training and playful interactions contributed to Eisley’s growth, ensuring that she not only learned how to be a polite and well-behaved pup but also enjoyed her time at Puptown Houston. We are incredibly proud of Eisley’s progress. Have confidence that she will continue to thrive on her lifelong journey as a joyful and well-adjusted canine companion.



Ema, the energetic Belgian Malinois, has successfully completed the Lodge and Learn: Ultimate Dog Training program at Puptown Houston. This intensive training experience has transformed Ema into a well-disciplined and obedient canine companion. Throughout the program, Ema not only learned essential commands and behavior skills but also had a fantastic time making new puppy pals. The training sessions were both informative and enjoyable, ensuring Ema’s growth into a sociable and well-behaved dog.

Ema’s journey at Puptown Houston was marked by enthusiasm and camaraderie. Ema’s interaction with fellow puppy trainees not only improved socialization but also made the learning experience exciting. With the guidance of skilled trainers, Ema mastered crucial commands and leash manners, turning him into a model pup. Ema’s completion of the Lodge and Learn program is a testament to his dedication and the effectiveness of Puptown Houston’s comprehensive training.