At Puptown Houston, we’re thrilled to share the remarkable progress Brody Old English Bulldog has made during his Lodge and Learn: Advanced Dog training. Brody’s training journey has been an absolute joy to be a part of. Throughout the program, he embraced new challenges with enthusiasm and determination, mastering a wide range of advanced commands and behaviors. His commitment to learning was truly impressive, making him a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication and structured training.

Beyond the remarkable strides in his obedience and behavior, Brody had a wonderful time at Puptown Houston. He relished every moment of the training experience, cherishing the opportunity to learn and grow. What’s more, he forged lasting bonds with fellow furry companions, reveling in the camaraderie of meeting new puppy friends. Brody’s training journey was not just about honing skills; it was a holistic experience that fostered socialization and a deep sense of accomplishment. We couldn’t be prouder of the progress Brody has made, and we’re excited to see him continue to thrive as a well-trained, well-rounded canine companion.


Bullet Pitbull recently wrapped up our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. During his time with us, Bullet not only learned valuable obedience skills but also had a blast making new puppy pals and honing his training abilities.

Bullet’s training journey was an absolute delight. With his eager-to-please attitude and quick learning, he excelled in mastering essential commands and polite behavior. From sitting and staying to walking on a leash like a pro, Bullet showed remarkable progress throughout his training. His enthusiasm and dedication were truly commendable, and he quickly became a favorite among our trainers. Beyond the training sessions, Bullet relished the opportunity to socialize with other puppies, fostering valuable friendships while sharpening his social skills. He embodies the spirit of Puptown Houston’s commitment to both effective training and the joy of a puppy’s life, and we couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments. Bullet’s training adventure was a true success, and we’re excited to see this young Pitbull grow into a well-behaved and well-adjusted member of your family.


Jude Yorkshire Terrier has successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Advanced Dog program here at Puptown Houston. During Jude’s training journey, he did not only gain valuable skills but also had an amazing time socializing and learning alongside new puppy friends. Our dedicated trainers at Puptown Houston are thrilled to have been part of Jude’s growth and development. Whether it was mastering commands, refining behaviors, or simply having a blast with their puppy pals, Jude’s experience was pawsitively remarkable. At Puptown Houston, we take great pride in nurturing the potential of every canine student, and Jude’s journey through the Lodge and Learn program is a shining example of the fantastic opportunities for learning and play that we provide here. Congratulations to Jude on their exceptional progress and newfound friendships!


Gia Great Dane, has successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Ultimate Dog program here at Puptown Houston. Throughout her training journey, she not only mastered essential skills but also relished the joy of making new puppy pals and learning with us. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to instill obedience and good manners in Gia. From leash walking to impeccable commands, she’s now a shining example of a well-behaved canine citizen. Gia’s delightful interactions with her fellow furry trainees enriched her experience, and the friendships forged during training will surely last a lifetime. We’re thrilled to have been a part of Gia’s transformative training adventure and are confident she’ll continue to thrive as a well-trained and sociable canine companion.


Maverick Goldendoodle recently completed Puptown Houston’s Lodge and Learn: Ultimate Dog training program. Throughout this intensive training, Maverick displayed remarkable progress and dedication. He not only mastered essential obedience commands but also learned valuable life skills that will ensure a harmonious coexistence with his human companions. Maverick’s enthusiastic and cooperative nature made his training experience truly rewarding.

During his time at Puptown Houston, Maverick not only excelled in his lessons but also had a blast meeting and interacting with new puppy pals. This socialization was an integral part of his training, helping him develop excellent canine manners. Maverick’s journey with us was a joy to witness, and we are confident that he will continue to thrive as a well-behaved and happy companion for his loving family. We are immensely proud of Maverick’s accomplishments and look forward to watching him flourish in his new, well-trained life.


Blue Australian Shepherd recently wrapped up an intensive training journey here at Puptown Houston. In our Lodge and Learn: Advance Dog program, Blue made remarkable progress. He not only sharpened his obedience skills but also discovered the joys of socializing with new furry companions. Throughout his time with us, Blue exhibited unwavering determination and a zest for learning, which made him a true standout.

Blue’s training experience was a blend of hard work and tail-wagging fun. His dedication to advancing his skills was evident in each session. From mastering commands to improving his behavior in various situations, Blue showed a remarkable commitment to his training. He didn’t just excel in solo sessions; he also had a blast during group playtimes, forging lasting friendships with other pups. Blue’s journey at Puptown Houston not only transformed him into a well-behaved and disciplined dog but also allowed him to create delightful memories with his new puppy pals.


Dug Golden Retriever has successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Advanced Dog training program here at Puptown Houston. Throughout his time with us, Dug displayed remarkable progress, impressing both our dedicated trainers and his fellow furry companions. With unwavering enthusiasm and determination, Dug tackled the advanced curriculum, mastering a range of essential commands and demonstrating outstanding obedience.

Not only did Dug excel in his training, but he also relished the opportunity to make new puppy friends and engage in positive socialization experiences. His friendly demeanor and cooperative spirit shone through during group training sessions, making him a joy to work with. At Puptown Houston, we’re proud to have been a part of Dug’s journey, and we’re confident that he will continue to flourish as a well-behaved and sociable canine companion in the years to come. We look forward to hearing about his continued successes and hope to see him again for further adventures in training and play.




Amon, the lovable German Shepherd, recently completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. Amon’s training journey was a delightful one for both him and our dedicated trainers. During his time with us, Amon not only mastered essential obedience commands but also had a blast making new puppy pals. Our experienced trainers crafted a personalized training plan that perfectly suited Amon’s needs, ensuring he received the best possible education. Amon’s progress was truly impressive, and his boundless energy and enthusiasm made every training session a joy. In addition to his stellar training, Amon had a fantastic time socializing with fellow puppies. This not only enriched his overall experience but also helped him develop essential social skills. We’re proud of Amon’s achievements and are confident he’ll be a well-behaved and sociable companion for years to come.


Pax Doxiepoo, recently completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. Throughout his training, Pax displayed remarkable enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn that warmed the hearts of both our trainers and his fellow puppy friends. Pax’s journey was a joyous one, filled with tail-wagging excitement and leaps of progress.

During his time with us, Pax not only mastered essential commands but also developed exceptional social skills. He thrived in our supportive environment, relishing every opportunity to interact with his new puppy pals. Pax’s dedication to training was evident in his consistent progress, and it was heartening to see his confidence grow with each passing day. At Puptown Houston, we take immense pride in Pax’s accomplishments, and we look forward to witnessing his continued growth as a well-trained and socially adept furry companion.


Simba American Pitbull who recently completed our Lodge and Learn: Advanced Dog program at Puptown Houston. Simba’s training journey was nothing short of remarkable. Throughout the program, he displayed an unwavering commitment to learning and an impressive ability to grasp complex commands with ease. Simba not only excelled in mastering advanced obedience skills but also thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Simba’s time at Puptown Houston was filled with excitement as he got to meet and bond with new puppy friends. His friendly and sociable nature shone through during group training sessions, where he not only sharpened his skills but also fostered meaningful connections with his fellow canine companions. Simba’s progress is a testament to his dedication, as well as the expertise and nurturing environment provided by our experienced trainers at Puptown Houston. We’re immensely proud of Simba’s achievements, and we look forward to seeing this bright and well-trained pup continue to thrive in his adventures ahead.