Amon, the lovable German Shepherd, recently completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. Amon’s training journey was a delightful one for both him and our dedicated trainers. During his time with us, Amon not only mastered essential obedience commands but also had a blast making new puppy pals. Our experienced trainers crafted a personalized training plan that perfectly suited Amon’s needs, ensuring he received the best possible education. Amon’s progress was truly impressive, and his boundless energy and enthusiasm made every training session a joy. In addition to his stellar training, Amon had a fantastic time socializing with fellow puppies. This not only enriched his overall experience but also helped him develop essential social skills. We’re proud of Amon’s achievements and are confident he’ll be a well-behaved and sociable companion for years to come.


Odi Moore German Shepherd, recently completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. During his time with us, Odi displayed exceptional dedication and a keen ability to grasp fundamental training concepts. He eagerly absorbed the essential commands and demonstrated remarkable progress in leash manners and basic obedience. Not only did Odi make impressive strides in his training, but he also radiated enthusiasm throughout the program. His boundless energy and friendly disposition made him an instant hit among his fellow puppy participants. Odi Moore’s journey with us was marked not only by his educational growth but also by the delightful friendships he forged along the way.

At Puptown Houston, we take immense pride in fostering an environment where dogs like Odi can thrive. Odi Moore’s experience was a testament to this, as he not only received top-notch training but also had a fantastic time mingling with his new puppy pals. The socialization aspect of his training was equally important, and Odi embraced it with exuberance, learning valuable social skills and building lasting canine companionships. We are confident that Odi Moore’s newfound knowledge and social grace will serve him well in his future adventures, and we look forward to witnessing his continued growth as a well-rounded and happy German Shepherd.