Dug Golden Retriever has successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Advanced Dog training program here at Puptown Houston. Throughout his time with us, Dug displayed remarkable progress, impressing both our dedicated trainers and his fellow furry companions. With unwavering enthusiasm and determination, Dug tackled the advanced curriculum, mastering a range of essential commands and demonstrating outstanding obedience.

Not only did Dug excel in his training, but he also relished the opportunity to make new puppy friends and engage in positive socialization experiences. His friendly demeanor and cooperative spirit shone through during group training sessions, making him a joy to work with. At Puptown Houston, we’re proud to have been a part of Dug’s journey, and we’re confident that he will continue to flourish as a well-behaved and sociable canine companion in the years to come. We look forward to hearing about his continued successes and hope to see him again for further adventures in training and play.