Nellie the Pitbull has successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Ultimate Dog program at Puptown Houston. Nellie’s journey with us was a remarkable transformation. Throughout her training, she displayed an eagerness to learn and a deep willingness to please, traits that make her a shining example of the potential within every dog. In our structured program, she excelled in obedience, from mastering basic commands like sit and stay to more advanced skills such as loose leash walking and recall. Nellie’s progress was not just about following commands; it was about building a strong bond with her human companions. She learned to exhibit self-control and a friendly demeanor around people and other dogs, making her a more well-rounded and sociable pup. Nellie’s trainers at Puptown Houston couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments, and we’re confident she will continue to be a delightful and obedient companion for her family.


Bullet Pitbull recently wrapped up our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. During his time with us, Bullet not only learned valuable obedience skills but also had a blast making new puppy pals and honing his training abilities.

Bullet’s training journey was an absolute delight. With his eager-to-please attitude and quick learning, he excelled in mastering essential commands and polite behavior. From sitting and staying to walking on a leash like a pro, Bullet showed remarkable progress throughout his training. His enthusiasm and dedication were truly commendable, and he quickly became a favorite among our trainers. Beyond the training sessions, Bullet relished the opportunity to socialize with other puppies, fostering valuable friendships while sharpening his social skills. He embodies the spirit of Puptown Houston’s commitment to both effective training and the joy of a puppy’s life, and we couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments. Bullet’s training adventure was a true success, and we’re excited to see this young Pitbull grow into a well-behaved and well-adjusted member of your family.