Puptown Houston is thrilled to share the remarkable progress Billy an Akita made during the Lodge and Learn: Ultimate Dog training program. Over the course of this comprehensive training, Billy’s journey was nothing short of inspiring. With unwavering dedication, our expert trainers meticulously worked with Billy, shaping his behavior into something truly remarkable.

From day one, Billy showed incredible potential and an eagerness to learn. Throughout the program, he mastered essential obedience commands such as sit, stay, and recall, showcasing his intelligence and quick-witted nature. Our trainers also focused on addressing some of his initial behavioral challenges, such as leash pulling and occasional stubbornness. Through positive reinforcement techniques, we helped him conquer these hurdles, transforming him into a polite and well-mannered companion. The Lodge and Learn program wasn’t just about commands; it was about building a strong bond between Billy and our trainers, nurturing trust and respect. With the program’s completion, Billy now radiates confidence, and his owners are enjoying a harmonious, joyful relationship with their Akita like never before. Puptown Houston is immensely proud to have been a part of Billy’s transformation, and we can’t wait to witness the continued growth of this amazing dog.


In Rose’s journey at Puptown Houston, she completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program with flying colors. This comprehensive training was tailored to her unique needs as a Boxer pup. Rose learned essential obedience commands, such as sit, stay, and heel, with remarkable enthusiasm and dedication. Her trainers were consistently impressed by her quick learning and her unwavering focus during training sessions.

Beyond obedience, Rose the Boxer also benefited from valuable socialization experiences with other dogs, which helped her build positive relationships and confidence. She grasped the concept of potty training swiftly, showing her adaptability and commitment to becoming a well-rounded and well-behaved pup. Our trainers at Puptown Houston are thrilled to have been a part of Rose’s early development, and we’re confident that her training here has set the foundation for a happy and harmonious life with her human companions. Rose’s boundless energy and intelligence were truly a joy to work with during her stay at Puptown Houston, and we look forward to hearing about her continued success in the future.


Stella the Sheepadoodle successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program at Puptown Houston. During her time with us, Stella showed remarkable progress and enthusiasm for learning. Her training journey was a true delight for our dedicated team.

Stella quickly grasped essential commands and displayed an excellent understanding of leash manners. She exhibited an impressive ability to stay attentive and follow instructions. Socialization with other dogs and people was a breeze for her, and she developed strong, positive interactions with her peers. Stella’s graduation from our program is a testament to her dedication, her owner’s commitment, and the effectiveness of our training methods. Puptown Houston is proud to have been part of Stella’s growth, and we look forward to watching her continue to flourish as a well-behaved and happy pup.


Nellie the Pitbull has successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Ultimate Dog program at Puptown Houston. Nellie’s journey with us was a remarkable transformation. Throughout her training, she displayed an eagerness to learn and a deep willingness to please, traits that make her a shining example of the potential within every dog. In our structured program, she excelled in obedience, from mastering basic commands like sit and stay to more advanced skills such as loose leash walking and recall. Nellie’s progress was not just about following commands; it was about building a strong bond with her human companions. She learned to exhibit self-control and a friendly demeanor around people and other dogs, making her a more well-rounded and sociable pup. Nellie’s trainers at Puptown Houston couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments, and we’re confident she will continue to be a delightful and obedient companion for her family.


Hana an American Akita recently completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. Throughout her training, Hana showcased remarkable progress, earning praise from both our trainers and fellow pup-parents. Hana’s journey began with fundamental obedience training, where she mastered essential commands like sit, stay, and come. As the training advanced, her social skills flourished, forging paw-sitive relationships with other dogs, making playtime a joy for all.

Moreover, her leash-walking etiquette improved significantly, transforming her into a well-behaved companion during strolls. Hana’s consistent growth and enthusiasm for learning made her time at Puptown Houston truly remarkable. We’re confident that her skills will continue to flourish, making her a model pup in the making!



At Puptown Houston, Zoey Labrador Retriever, recently graduated from our Lodge and Learn: Advanced Dog program. Throughout her training, Zoey not only excelled but also had a blast making new puppy friends. Our program focuses on strengthening essential obedience commands and refining advanced behaviors. Zoey’s commitment and eager attitude were evident from the very beginning, making her an exceptional student. She quickly grasped complex commands and displayed remarkable progress in her training. We’re proud to have been a part of Zoey’s journey, and it was heartwarming to see her build strong connections with other pups in the process. At Puptown Houston, we’re not just about training; we’re about creating a fun and enriching environment where dogs like Zoey can thrive while mastering essential skills. Congratulations, Zoey, on your well-deserved graduation!


Biscotti American Bully successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program at Puptown Houston. Throughout his training, Biscotti displayed remarkable progress and a genuine enthusiasm for learning. He not only mastered essential obedience commands, but also had a fantastic time socializing and playing with his new puppy pals. Biscotti’s journey with us was marked by dedication, fun, and a strong foundation for a well-behaved and happy pup. We are delighted to have been a part of his training adventure!


Ellie Bernese Mountain Dog has successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. During her time with us, Ellie not only honed her obedience skills but also had a blast socializing with her fellow puppy companions. Our comprehensive training curriculum was tailored to Ellie’s individual needs, ensuring that she developed a strong foundation in essential commands and behaviors. Throughout the program, Ellie exhibited a remarkable enthusiasm for learning, making each training session an enjoyable and productive experience.

In addition to her remarkable progress in obedience, Ellie formed lasting bonds with her new puppy friends. She embraced the opportunity to engage in constructive play and social interaction, further enhancing her social skills and confidence. At Puptown Houston, we’re immensely proud of Ellie’s growth and accomplishments, and we’re confident that she will continue to thrive as a well-behaved and socially adept Bernese Mountain Dog. We look forward to seeing Ellie’s continued success and are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of her training journey.


Cannoli Great Pyrenees has successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program here at Puptown Houston. Throughout the training, Cannoli showed remarkable progress and enthusiasm, making it a truly rewarding experience for both the Puptown Houston team and Cannoli’s owners. With a tail wagging and a twinkle in those puppy eyes, Cannoli had a fantastic time meeting new four-legged friends and engaging in our training sessions. This eager learner embraced each lesson, from obedience to socialization, with boundless energy and a cheerful spirit, quickly becoming a star pupil at Puptown Houston.


Cherry Toy Poodle recently completed our Lodge and Learn: Motivated Dog program at Puptown Houston. During her stay with us, Cherry made remarkable progress in her training journey. She eagerly embraced new skills and commands, making her a shining example of a dedicated learner. Cherry enthusiasm for training was truly infectious, inspiring both our staff and her fellow canine companions.

In addition to her training achievements, Cherry had a delightful time socializing with her new puppy pals. Our vibrant and interactive environment provided her with the perfect setting to develop valuable social skills and form lasting friendships. Cherry’s joyful and outgoing nature made her a beloved member of our Puptown Houston community, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in her training and socialization. We look forward to watching her continue to thrive as a well-rounded and motivated pup!