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Billy an Akita, doing dog obedience commands in a dog training in Houston
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Puptown Houston is thrilled to share the remarkable progress Billy an Akita made during the Lodge and Learn: Ultimate Dog training program. Over the course of this comprehensive training, Billy’s journey was nothing short of inspiring. With unwavering dedication, our expert trainers meticulously worked with Billy, shaping his behavior into something truly remarkable.

From day one, Billy showed incredible potential and an eagerness to learn. Throughout the program, he mastered essential obedience commands such as sit, stay, and recall, showcasing his intelligence and quick-witted nature. Our trainers also focused on addressing some of his initial behavioral challenges, such as leash pulling and occasional stubbornness. Through positive reinforcement techniques, we helped him conquer these hurdles, transforming him into a polite and well-mannered companion. The Lodge and Learn program wasn’t just about commands; it was about building a strong bond between Billy and our trainers, nurturing trust and respect. With the program’s completion, Billy now radiates confidence, and his owners are enjoying a harmonious, joyful relationship with their Akita like never before. Puptown Houston is immensely proud to have been a part of Billy’s transformation, and we can’t wait to witness the continued growth of this amazing dog.

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