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Rose the Boxer doing dog obedience commands in a dog training facility in Houston
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In Rose’s journey at Puptown Houston, she completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program with flying colors. This comprehensive training was tailored to her unique needs as a Boxer pup. Rose learned essential obedience commands, such as sit, stay, and heel, with remarkable enthusiasm and dedication. Her trainers were consistently impressed by her quick learning and her unwavering focus during training sessions.

Beyond obedience, Rose the Boxer also benefited from valuable socialization experiences with other dogs, which helped her build positive relationships and confidence. She grasped the concept of potty training swiftly, showing her adaptability and commitment to becoming a well-rounded and well-behaved pup. Our trainers at Puptown Houston are thrilled to have been a part of Rose’s early development, and we’re confident that her training here has set the foundation for a happy and harmonious life with her human companions. Rose’s boundless energy and intelligence were truly a joy to work with during her stay at Puptown Houston, and we look forward to hearing about her continued success in the future.

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