Puptown Houston Lodge and Learn Training Programs

Puptown Houston Lodge and Learn Training Programs

Are you tired of dealing with your dog’s behavior issues? Is your dog’s lack of obedience causing frustration? Look no further – Puptown Houston Lodge and Learn Training Programs are here to provide the perfect solution for you and your pup. Let’s delve into the exciting world of these innovative programs that will turn your four-legged companion into a well-behaved and skilled canine superstar!


What is a Lodge & Learn Program?

A Lodge & Learn Program is a comprehensive and effective training approach designed to maximize your dog’s learning potential. It’s an immersive experience where your dog stays with us at our top-notch training facility in Houston, TX. Our dedicated trainers work closely with your pup to address behavior issues and instill essential commands, transforming them into a disciplined and well-mannered companion.


Lodge & Learn: Motivated Dog Program

Price: $2200

Is your pup in need of some basic obedience training and behavior refinement? Our Motivated Dog Program is tailor-made for you. This on-leash program focuses on teaching fundamental manners, from curbing counter surfing to stopping trashcan rummaging and excessive jumping. Your precious pet will master commands like recall, loose leash walking, and the “down” command on the first try.

We ensure your dog’s well-being by dedicating the entire day to training and play, guaranteeing their highest enrichment and learning process. This 10-day program includes two follow-up lessons to ensure that your dog’s progress continues even after they’re back by your side.

Interested? Learn more about the Lodge & Learn Motivated Dog program!


Lodge & Learn: Advanced Dog Program

Price: $3100

If you’re aiming for a higher level of training for your pup, our Advanced Dog Program is the ideal choice. With this off-leash program, your furry companion will master all the skills from the Motivated Dog Program and more. Imagine your dog performing automatic sits, off-leash heeling, and calmly riding in a car – these are just a few of the advanced skills they’ll acquire.

During this three-week program, our trainers will take your dog to various locations around Houston for training, ensuring they’re comfortable in real-world scenarios. Plus, four follow-up lessons guarantee that the training sticks, turning your dog into the well-rounded companion you’ve always dreamed of.

Explore the Lodge & Learn Advanced Dog program for a transformational training experience!


Lodge & Learn: Ultimate Dog Program

Price: $4600

For dogs that require an unparalleled level of training and behavior modification, our Ultimate Dog Program is the ultimate solution. This program incorporates all the training aspects of our previous programs and goes a step further by tackling challenging problem behaviors such as leash aggression, stranger aggression, and separation anxiety.

The six-week minimum duration of this program allows our trainers to work closely with your dog, crafting a tailored training plan that meets their specific needs. With public access training, your dog will conquer various environments, making them a confident and well-behaved companion wherever you go.

Discover the Lodge & Learn Ultimate Dog program and unleash your dog’s full potential!


Ready to Take the Next Step?

Investing in your dog’s training is an investment in a happier and healthier future together. Don’t miss the chance to provide your furry friend with the skills they need to thrive in various situations. Whether you opt for the Motivated, Advanced, or Ultimate program, Puptown Houston’s Lodge & Learn Training Programs promise results that will exceed your expectations.

Check out our Puppy Training Program as well, designed to give your young pup a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning and good behavior.

Don’t wait – enroll your pup today and embark on a journey to a harmonious companionship!

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