Addressing Destructive Chewing in Dogs

If you’ve ever come home to find your favorite pair of shoes chewed up or witnessed your dog destroying furniture, you know the frustration that comes with destructive chewing. Destructive chewing is a common issue among dogs, but it can be addressed effectively with the right training techniques. This is Addressing Destructive Chewing in Dogs:


Understanding Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing refers to the behavior where a dog chews on objects that are not intended for that purpose, causing damage or destruction. This behavior is particularly common among puppies, as they explore the world through their mouths and alleviate teething discomfort. However, destructive chewing can persist into adulthood if not properly addressed.

There are several reasons why dogs engage in destructive chewing:


Dogs with excess energy or insufficient mental stimulation may resort to chewing as a way to relieve their boredom.

Separation anxiety

Dogs who experience anxiety when left alone may resort to destructive chewing as a coping mechanism.

Lack of training

Dogs that have not been taught proper chewing behaviors may chew indiscriminately.


Puppies go through a teething phase, during which chewing helps soothe their gums.


How Puptown Houston Addresses Destructive Chewing

At Puptown Houston, we understand the importance of addressing destructive chewing behaviors in dogs to promote a harmonious household. Our balanced dog training approach allows us to effectively tackle this issue. Here’s how we can help:


1. Lodge & Learn Program

Our Lodge & Learn program provides an immersive training experience for your dog. During their stay with us, our experienced trainers will work with your dog to address destructive chewing behaviors. Through positive reinforcement techniques and redirection exercises, we teach dogs appropriate items to chew on and discourage destructive chewing.

2. Puppy Training Program

If you have a young pup, our Puppy Training Program is tailored to meet their specific needs. We focus on teaching puppies bite inhibition and providing appropriate chew toys to satisfy their teething needs. Our trainers guide both you and your puppy through the training process, helping you establish a strong foundation for good chewing habits.

3. Boarding and Daycare

At Puptown Houston, we offer boarding and daycare services that provide a stimulating environment for your dog. Regular exercise and mental enrichment activities reduce boredom and prevent destructive chewing. Our trained staff closely supervise the dogs to redirect their chewing behavior and encourage appropriate chewing choices.

4. Service Dog Training

For dogs in need of specialized training, our Service Dog Training program can be customized to address destructive chewing along with other necessary skills. Our trainers work closely with service dogs in training to ensure they develop appropriate chewing habits and can focus on their tasks without engaging in destructive behaviors.


Contact Us for Effective Training Solutions

If you’re struggling with destructive chewing in your dog, Puptown Houston is here to help. Our experienced trainers utilize a balanced dog training approach to address this behavioral issue effectively. Whether you choose our Lodge & Learn program, Puppy Training Program, or any of our other services, we are committed to providing you and your dog with the support and guidance you need.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit our Contact page. You can also check out our FAQ section for answers to common questions about our training programs.

Don’t let destructive chewing disrupt your life. Take the first step towards a well-behaved and contented dog with Puptown Houston’s training expertise. Contact us today!