Mastering the Sit Command

We know how much you love your pup, but we also recognize the struggles that come with impulsive and impatient dogs. If you’ve ever felt frustrated by your pup’s lack of focus or tendency to act on their impulses, we have a solution that can transform your daily interactions. This is Mastering The Sit Command:


The sit command is a fundamental building block

At the heart of dog training lies the foundation of basic commands, and mastering the sit command is undoubtedly the most essential one. But what exactly is it? The sit command is a fundamental cue where your dog learns to plant their paws on the ground while keeping their hindquarters firmly seated. It may seem simple, but it serves as the building block for more advanced training and fosters a sense of discipline and focus in your dog’s daily routine.


Curbing impulsiveness with the sit command

Impulsive behavior can be common in dogs, especially during their younger years or if they have not received proper training. An impulsive dog might jump on guests, dart out of doors, or become overly excited during playtime. However, the sit command acts as a redirection for these impulsive tendencies.

Imagine this scenario: you have guests arriving at your home, and your enthusiastic pup can’t contain their excitement. Before the situation escalates into a chaotic mess, you calmly utter the magic words, “Sit!” Your dog promptly sits down, redirecting their energy and preventing any potential chaos. The sit command gives your dog a sense of control, helping them stay calm and attentive during moments of high excitement.


Our Lodge & Learn Training Program

At Puptown Houston, we understand that every dog is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach to training may not yield the best results. That’s why we offer our Lodge & Learn program, a personalized training experience for your beloved pooch. Through this program, your dog will embark on an intensive training journey under the guidance of our experienced trainers.

During the Lodge & Learn program, your pup will not only master essential commands like sit but also develop a deeper understanding of obedience and behavior. They will engage in interactive sessions with other dogs, learn valuable socialization skills, and receive individualized attention to address specific behavioral challenges. To know more about our Lodge & Learn program, click here.


Our Puppy Training Program Sets Right Paw Forward

Start your puppy off on the right paw with our specialized Puppy Training Program. This carefully crafted program is designed to instill good manners and essential commands from an early age, ensuring that your adorable bundle of fur grows into a well-behaved and confident adult dog.

As part of our Puppy Training Program, your little companion will be introduced to the sit command and other basic cues that form the basis of their training journey. Our expert trainers will guide your puppy through positive reinforcement techniques, creating a joyful and engaging learning experience for your furry friend. Don’t miss the chance to shape your pup’s future – check out our Puppy Training Program here.


At Puptown Houston, we believe that a well-behaved dog is a happy dog, and our Lodge & Learn and Puppy Training Programs are dedicated to making that belief a reality. The sit command is just the beginning of your dog’s transformative journey towards better behavior and a stronger bond with you. So, let us join paws and work together to create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your beloved canine companion. Sign up for our training programs today and witness the magic of a disciplined and contented pup!