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If you’ve been tirelessly searching for a location to provide your pup with top-notch training in the Katy, Richmond, and Houston regions, search no more! Puptown Puppy Training Houston is the place to be. We have a passion for transforming your furry friends into well-mannered and obedient companions. Regardless of whether you have a puppy or a young dog, our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way on your training journey.

Where Dreams of a Well-Trained Pup Come True

It can be quite overwhelming to find the training facility. That’s why Puptown Houston shines as a beacon of hope for dog owners in Katy, Richmond, and Houston. What sets us apart is our dedication to building connections between pups and their owners while also teaching discipline. Our facility is top-notch, designed with your pup’s comfort and education at the forefront. We have training spaces and modern amenities, all aimed at creating an environment that encourages learning and brings joyous experiences.

Experience the Magic of “Lodge & Learn” Program

Just picture your pup getting to spend time with our experienced trainers while learning important commands and behaviors. Our structured approach guarantees that your puppy will not only acquire new skills but also flourish in a supportive and uplifting setting. Check out Lodge & Learn to discover how your furry friend can embark on this transformative journey.

Our Puppy Training Program

During the stages of a dog’s life, known as puppyhood, it is essential to establish a foundation. Our carefully crafted puppy training program aims to guide and shape your pup’s behavior during these vital developmental months. Through engaging activities and the expertise of our trainers, we ensure that your pup learns manners that will endure throughout their lifetime. Visit Puppy Training Program to explore the comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from basic commands to socialization skills.

Your Dog’s Home Away from Home

At Puptown Houston, we offer more than just training. Our top-notch boarding and daycare services provide a safe and comfortable space for your pup when you’re away. Whether it’s overnight boarding or a fun-filled day of play, our experienced team ensures your pup feels at ease and loved. Learn more about our services at Boarding and Daycare.

Meet Our Dog Graduates

The success stories of our Lodge & Learn program graduates are a testament to the dedication and expertise of our trainers. These remarkable dogs have transformed into disciplined, well-mannered companions who bring joy to their owners’ lives. Witness their inspiring journeys at Dog Graduates of our Lodge and Learn.

Join Us Today! Your Trusted Partner for Puppy Training in Houston

Ready to unlock your pup’s potential? Look no further than Puptown Houston. Our passion, commitment, and proven results make us the ultimate destination for puppy training in Katy, Richmond, and Houston. Experience the difference and join our ever-growing community of satisfied dog owners.

Visit our Google Business Page to read the reviews from our happy clients and get a glimpse of the transformations we’ve achieved. Contact us today and take the first step towards a harmonious life with your furry friend.

Puptown Puppy Training Houston TX

Are there puppy trainers near me?

Of course! There’s no better place than Puptown Puppy Training Houston TX. We know that bringing a puppy into your home can be both thrilling and demanding. That’s why our team is committed to assisting you and your adorable companion throughout the journey.

Discover Our Comprehensive Puppy Training Program

We’re more than a training center; we’re like a home for your pup. Our puppy training program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of dogs, providing them with the tools to develop good behavior and become delightful companions for life. We firmly believe that establishing a foundation is crucial, which is why our program emphasizes building skills that enable your pup to seamlessly integrate into your family and the local community.

What Sets Our Program Apart

Positive Reinforcement

Our experienced trainers employ positive reinforcement techniques, creating a fun and engaging learning environment for your pup. This approach enhances their eagerness to learn and reinforces positive behaviors.

Personalized Attention

Every pup is unique, and our trainers understand that. We tailor our training to suit your dog’s individual personality, ensuring effective results.

Lodge & Learn Option

For those seeking an immersive training experience, our Lodge & Learn program is an excellent choice. Your pup stays with us, receiving dedicated training and socialization, while you enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re in capable hands. Learn more about our Lodge & Learn program here.

More Than Just Training: A Home Away From Home

At Puptown Houston, we’re more than just a training center. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to cater to your pup’s every need. Check out our facility to see the comfortable and enriching environment we’ve created.

Comprehensive Services

Beyond our acclaimed Puppy Training Program, we offer Boarding and Daycare services that ensure your pup is well-cared for even when you’re away. They can socialize, play, and learn under the supervision of our expert team. Learn more about our offerings here.

Meet Our Dog Graduates

Want proof of our training’s effectiveness? Look no further than our proud Dog Graduates of the Lodge & Learn program. These once rambunctious pups have transformed into well-mannered companions, a testament to the dedication and expertise of our trainers. Meet our graduates here.


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Your pup’s journey towards becoming a well-behaved and joyful companion starts with Puptown Houston. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide them with the skills they need for a lifetime of happiness. Reach out to us today or visit our Google Business Page to learn more about our programs and offerings.

Puppy Training Houston TX

Are you a dog owner who wants a well-behaved pup? Look no further than Puptown Houston’s Puppy Training Program. We know that every puppy has the potential to become an obedient dog with proper guidance. As a professional dog trainer, we’re here to answer your questions and assist you in raising a disciplined pup. This is Puppy Training Houston:


When is the Right Time to Start Training Your Puppy?

One of the most common queries new dog owners have is, “When should I start training my puppy?” The answer is surprisingly simple: the earlier, the better. Puppies are sponges for learning from the moment they enter your home. The ideal window to kickstart their training is around 8 to 12 weeks of age. This is when they are most receptive to new experiences and can readily grasp basic commands.


Mastering the Top 5 Puppy Commands at Puptown Houston

Here at Puptown Houston, we’ve curated the top five essential commands for your puppy’s training journey:

1. House Manners

Nobody likes a mess, and neither does your pup. Through our training, your furry friend will learn the art of potty training and proper indoor behavior. Say goodbye to accidents and hello to a pristine home environment.

2. Obedience

Walking on a leash without a fuss, responding promptly to their name, and nailing commands like Sit/Stay and Down/Stay – these are the building blocks of a well-behaved dog. Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to instill these commands in your pup’s repertoire.

3. Socialization

A dog who can’t play well with others is like a cupcake without frosting – something’s missing! Our socialization training ensures your pup interacts confidently with other dogs and humans, making trips to the park a joyous adventure.

4. Confidence Building

Confidence is key, even in the doggy world. Our training focuses on boosting your pup’s self-assurance through various activities and challenges. A confident dog is a happy dog, ready to take on any new experience.

5. Handling Manners

Nobody likes those dreaded vet visits, especially not your pup. With our handling manners training, we teach your furry friend to be comfortable with grooming, examinations, and basic medical procedures. A calm pup makes those necessary appointments stress-free.


Puptown Houston’s Puppy Training Program

Our Puppy Training Program has been carefully crafted to provide an environment for your puppy to thrive. Led by our certified trainers, this program encompasses a range of essential skills, including basic commands and effective socialization, ultimately setting your pup on the path to long-term success. Through our use of reinforcement methods, your furry friend will be eager to learn and showcase behavior.


Lodge & Learn Program

If you’re a dog owner looking for a training experience for your puppy, our Lodge & Learn program is an option. Your pup will stay with us in a setting where they’ll receive training sessions and enjoy the comforts of our boarding and daycare facilities. It’s a package that offers a learning adventure for your pup.

We, at Puptown Houston, recognize that your dog is more than a pet; they are a part of your family. Our dedication to your pup’s happiness goes beyond providing training. We provide boarding and daycare services, guaranteeing that your pup receives care even in your absence.


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Investing in training for your puppy is an investment in a future filled with harmony. Puptown Houston offers a Puppy Training Program that serves as a gateway to unlocking your pup’s potential and fostering a bond based on trust and understanding. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Ready to take the first step? Enroll your pup today or explore our comprehensive Lodge & Learn program for an enriching training experience. Discover all our offerings, from training to boarding and daycare, at Puptown Houston.