Puptown Houston Advanced Training

If you’re looking to take your dog’s training to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I want to talk to you about Puptown Houston’s Advanced Training program, where we use a balanced dog training approach to bring out the very best in your pooch. This is Puptown Houston Advanced Training:


What is Advanced Training for Dogs?

Advanced training for dogs is like taking them to “college.” It goes beyond the basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come. Instead, it dives deeper into more complex skills, enhancing your dog’s mental abilities and understanding. This training is perfect for pups who have already completed basic training or are naturally quick learners.

At Puptown Houston, they’ve crafted an advanced training program that caters to individual dogs’ needs and personalities. Their team of experienced trainers uses positive reinforcement techniques, making learning enjoyable for your dog while building a strong bond between the two of you.


The Hardest Command to Teach a Dog

We all know that some commands can be quite challenging to teach our four-legged pals. Of all the commands out there, “Leave it” is often regarded as one of the most difficult to master. Teaching your dog to ignore temptations, whether it’s food, toys, or other distractions, can be quite the uphill battle.

But fear not! Puptown Houston’s advanced training tackles the “Leave it” command head-on. Through patient guidance and effective techniques, their trainers will help your dog understand the importance of self-control and following your lead.


Puptown Houston’s Advanced Training

1. Lodge & Learn

Heading out of town or need to focus on work without interruptions? Puptown Houston’s Lodge & Learn training program is the answer! Your dog will stay at their facility and receive personalized, one-on-one training sessions. Whether your furry buddy needs to refine certain skills or learn new ones, the Lodge & Learn program offers a customized approach tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

To know more about Lodge & Learn, click here.

2. Puppy Training Program

Start your pup’s learning journey on the right paw with Puptown Houston’s Puppy Training Program. Early training is crucial for instilling good behavior habits and socialization skills. The program focuses on age-appropriate training techniques, setting your puppy up for success as they grow into well-behaved adult dogs.

For more details about the Puppy Training Program, click here.

3. Boarding and Daycare

Puptown Houston’s Boarding and Daycare services offer your dog a fun and safe environment while you’re away. What’s even better is that they incorporate training sessions into your dog’s stay. So, not only will your furry friend have a blast playing with other pups, but they’ll also come home with some new skills!

Discover more about Boarding and Daycare by clicking here.

4. Service Dog Training

For some dogs, being a loyal companion goes beyond just being a pet. Puptown Houston’s Service Dog Training program helps train dogs to assist individuals with specific needs. Whether it’s guiding the visually impaired, providing emotional support, or performing other important tasks, these highly skilled dogs play an invaluable role in their owner’s lives.

To learn more about Service Dog Training, click here.


Investing in advanced training for your dog can be a truly rewarding experience. Not only will it strengthen the bond between you and them, but it will also give them the tools to shine in various situations. With Puptown Houston’s balanced dog training approach, you can trust that your dog will receive the best care and attention.

Take the first step towards unlocking your dog’s full potential. To get started or to have your questions answered, don’t hesitate to reach out to Puptown Houston by clicking here. For frequently asked questions, visit their FAQ page here.