Puptown Houston Dog Training Facility

If you’re looking to give your dog the best training experience possible, Puptown Houston has it all – a spacious facility and a vast backyard for all dogs to run around and play! Located at 12633 Shiloh Church Rd, Houston, Texas 77066. This is Puptown Houston Dog Training Facility:


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A Training Haven for All Dogs

At Puptown Houston, every dog is welcomed with open arms and a wagging tail. The facility is thoughtfully designed to cater to all breeds and sizes. The moment you step inside, you’ll sense the positive and encouraging atmosphere, making both you and your pup feel right at home.


Services Offered

Puptown Houston offers a wide array of services to meet every dog’s unique needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of their exceptional training programs:

Lodge & Learn: If you’re a busy dog owner like me, the Lodge & Learn program is an excellent option. You can entrust your dog to Puptown Houston’s skilled trainers, and they’ll work on obedience, behavior, and commands. The best part? Your dog gets to stay in their fantastic facility and enjoy the company of other canine pals.

Puppy Training Program: Got a new bundle of joy? The Puppy Training Program is a must! Puptown Houston’s expert trainers specialize in early-age training, setting a strong foundation for your puppy’s future development. From potty training to essential commands, this program covers it all, ensuring your puppy grows up to be a well-mannered and well-socialized adult dog.

Boarding and Daycare: When life gets busy, and you need a safe and caring place for your dog, Puptown Houston’s Boarding and Daycare services come to the rescue! Your poochd will have a blast with plenty of playtime, socialization, and personalized attention from their attentive staff.

Service Dog Training: Puptown Houston understands the importance of service dogs in people’s lives. Their specialized Service Dog Training program aims to equip dogs with the necessary skills and behaviors to assist and support individuals with disabilities. It’s a heartwarming endeavor that showcases Puptown Houston’s commitment to making a positive impact in the community.


How to Get in Touch

Have questions or ready to enroll your dog in one of Puptown Houston’s exceptional training programs? Getting in touch with them is easy! Simply visit their Contact Us page for contact details and a convenient contact form. Their friendly team is always eager to assist and answer any questions you may have.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some burning questions about Puptown Houston’s services and facilities, head over to their FAQ page. It’s a great resource to find quick and helpful answers to common queries.

Puptown Houston’s new training facility at 12633 Shiloh Church Rd, Houston, Texas 77066, is a true paradise for dog owners seeking top-notch training and care for their furry companions. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, spacious interiors, and a large backyard for dogs to frolic, Puptown Houston truly stands out among other training centers in the area.