Puptown Houston Service Dog Training

At Puptown Houston, we believe in the transformative power of dog training. Our dedicated team is committed to educating dog owners about the numerous benefits of training and creating a deeper bond between families and their dogs. Among our specialties, we take immense pride in our service dog training program, specifically designed to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to help both owners and their service dogs live healthier, happier lives. This is Puptown Houston Service Dog Training:


Our Team

What sets us apart is that every member of our staff is not only highly skilled but also a devoted dog owner. We understand how you want your dog to be treated and cared for because we share the same love and devotion for our own dogs. Our experience places us at the forefront of service dog training in the Houston area, making us the go-to facility for those seeking professional training services.

When you entrust your special dog to us, we work tirelessly to build a special bond of love and understanding between you and your pooch. Through our comprehensive training programs, we enhance the range of your mobility and independence, opening up new horizons for a more fulfilling life. The partnership between you and your trained service dog will blossom into one of mutual respect and unwavering support.

Our service dogs are trained to respond to a wide range of commands that will significantly improve your everyday life. Together, you’ll be able to navigate various environments with ease, including shopping experiences, recreation activities, visits to family and friends, social events, doctor appointments, and even trips to the pharmacy. Your dog will become an angel in disguise, impressing your loved ones with the newfound mobility and independence you gain.


Who qualifies for a service dog?

Anyone with a physical or developmental disability whose quality of life can be enhanced with the assistance of a service dog. Additionally, professionals working in organizations that provide physical or mental health care may benefit from interacting with a therapy dog. It’s important to note that therapy dogs are distinct from service dogs. At Puptown, we have a limited capacity to accommodate service dog applications due to the extensive training involved. We highly recommend researching available grant programs that can assist in covering the costs of the dog and service dog training, especially for disabled veterans, EMTs, and first responders. As a token of our gratitude for their service, we offer a discounted rate for these individuals.


Training Cost

You might wonder about the cost of service dog training. Puptown Houston provides a discounted monthly training rate, financing options, and assistance with funding. While the typical costs for obtaining and training a service dog can range from $30,000 to $50,000, our discounted service dog programs are available at a more affordable range of $10,000 to $30,000. Contact us to learn more about the funding, financing, and assistance programs we offer.


How To Apply

At Puptown Houston, we don’t have a formal application process for service dogs. However, we encourage those interested in receiving a service dog or having their current dog trained to schedule an interview with us. During this meeting, we can discuss your training goals, needs, and interests, ensuring that we create a tailored training plan that aligns with your specific requirements.


Training Duration

The duration of service dog training varies depending on factors such as the dog’s age, the specific tasks it needs to learn, and its learning capability. Ideally, we prefer to help you choose a dog for service work, but we understand that you may already have a dog. Not every dog can successfully complete service dog training or fulfill all your specific goals. Typically, a minimum of 3 months of training is required for adult dogs that already possess obedience skills. The average training duration ranges from 6 months to a year.


Important Reminder

Please note that while we do not provide dogs for those who are hearing or visually impaired or require dogs with detection abilities, we can offer services for individuals in need of seizure response dogs, mobility assistance dogs, PTSD dogs, and more. Feel free to contact us for further details and to discuss your specific needs.


Our Training Approach

At Puptown Houston, we strive to create a win-win situation for everyone involved. By treating each dog as an individual and understanding their unique needs, we can evaluate your dog and develop a personalized training plan to help you reach your goals. Our training approach is built on three core principles that have proven effective time and again:

  1. Timing: We teach you and your dog to associate a behavior with its consequences, ensuring that praise for desired behaviors occurs within 1.3 seconds.
  2. Consistency: Clear and consistent communication is key. Reacting the same way every time to significant behaviors helps your dog understand the message you’re conveying.
  3. Motivation: Influencing your dog’s decision-making is crucial. Positive motivation through words of praise, petting, and treats, as well as negative motivation by ignoring undesired behaviors or firmly saying “no,” play a vital role in their training journey.

By understanding your dog and adhering to these training principles, you’ll make significant progress toward reaching your goals and enhancing both your lives. Puptown Houston is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us soon to embark on an extraordinary journey of service dog training.

Remember, together we can unlock a world of possibilities and create a stronger bond between you and your loyal service dog.