Puptown Houston Lodge and Learn Programs

At Puptown Houston, we acknowledge the fact that every dog has distinct training needs. This vital insight forms the foundation of our highly esteemed Lodge & Learn programs. Meticulously designed to amplify and showcase the exceptional qualities possessed by your pup. Let’s talk about our program options: Motivated Dog, Advanced Dog, and Ultimate Dog—each one meticulously tailored to cater to specific requirements. This is Puptown Houston Lodge and Learn Programs.


Lodge & Learn Motivated Dog Program

If you’re looking for the perfect place to begin your dog’s training, look no further than our Motivated Dog program. This program is designed to be done on leash and places emphasis on teaching your pup basic obedience, good manners, and training that is specifically tailored to your home environment. Whether you need help preventing counter-surfing, stopping trashcan rummaging, or addressing jumping behaviors, our team of knowledgeable trainers will be there to guide your pooch through all the necessary behavioral lessons. Our training facility is in Houston. Texas boasts state-of-the-art features that ensure a safe and stimulating learning experience for your dog.


Lodge & Learn Advanced Dog Program

Expanding on the Motivated Dog program, our Advanced Dog program elevates training to a higher level. Along with thorough obedience and house manners, this off-leash program extends training to real-life situations. Your dog will acquire the ability to navigate training sessions in the comfort of your home, yard, stores, and parks. Our skilled trainers will lead them through various environments throughout Houston, ensuring their mastery of essential skills in diverse settings. This program aims to cultivate a well-rounded and self-assured pooch.


Lodge & Learn Ultimate Dog Program

For the ultimate training experience, our Ultimate Dog program is the pinnacle of our Lodge & Learn offerings. This comprehensive program includes everything taught in our Motivated Dog and Advanced Dog programs, incorporating advanced training techniques and behavior modification. Not only will your dog excel in obedience, house manners, and off-leash training, but they will also receive public access training. Our dedicated trainers will take your pooch to parks, trails, lakes, stores, daycare facilities, and any other dog-friendly locations across Houston, TX. Your dog will become a well-socialized and adaptable companion wherever they go.


Puptown Houston takes immense pride in its unparalleled Lodge & Learn programs, specially crafted for dogs at various stages in life, be they young pups or older dogs with diverse skill sets. Our offerings include the Motivated Dog, Advanced Dog, and Ultimate Dog programs, catering to specific needs. Our proficient trainers are deeply committed to unleashing your dog’s hidden potential while shaping them into a well-behaved pup who exudes confidence. Seize this opportunity without delay; contact us today as you set off on a thrilling training expedition.