Training Your Dog for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to spread joy and cheer, and what better way to celebrate than with your furry friend by your side? At Puptown Houston, we understand the importance of including your pups in the holiday festivities. To ensure a paw-sitively delightful season, here are some tips for Training Your Dog for the Holiday Season.


1. Basic Obedience Training

Start by reinforcing basic commands with your pup. Commands like sit, stay, and come can be handy when you’re navigating through holiday gatherings. A well-trained dog is a joy to have around, making the festivities more enjoyable for everyone.


2. Introduce Festive Accessories

Get your pup into the holiday spirit by introducing festive accessories. A cute holiday-themed collar or a jingling bell can add an extra dash of holiday charm. Let your pup get accustomed to wearing these accessories gradually, and always ensure they are comfortable.


3. Socialization Practice

The holiday season often involves gatherings with family and friends. Help your pup become comfortable around new people and environments by organizing small get-togethers. This will make holiday gatherings less stressful for your pup and more enjoyable for everyone involved.


4. Mindful Treat Giving

The holidays are synonymous with treats, and your pup deserves to indulge too. However, be mindful of the types of treats you’re giving. Opt for dog-friendly treats and avoid sharing human holiday goodies that may be harmful to your furry friend.


5. Create a Safe Space

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s essential to create a safe space for your pup to retreat to when needed. This could be a cozy corner with their bed and favorite toys, providing a quiet refuge when the holiday excitement becomes a bit overwhelming.


Training your pup for the holiday season is an investment in creating lasting memories. At Puptown Houston, we believe that a well-trained and happy pup enhances the holiday experience for everyone. With basic obedience, festive accessories, socialization, mindful treat-giving, and a designated safe space, your pup will be ready to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with you. Wishing you and your furry friend a tail-wagging holiday season!