Professionals with Years of Experience Training Dogs

When your dog comes to Puptown Dallas for training, they will be welcomed into the homes of our trainers and the pack of other dogs.

Whether you’re looking for dog obedience training, puppy training, service dog training, or private sessions, our trainers have the expertise to meet your needs.

The dog trainers at Puptown Dallas have all been through extensive training to ensure the safety of your pet.

Our dog trainers are always improving their knowledge and skills by participating in educational opportunities including seminars, lectures, and workshops.

This ensures that our trainers keep up with industry trends and developments, which ultimately benefits you and your dog.

our dog training ideology

Every dog is different and should be trained to meet their specific needs, according to our dog training philosophy. Each dog should be assessed to identify the optimum course of growth for success. We do away with the formulaic approach and examine the actual training requirements for your dog. Three training principles serve as the foundation of our dog training theory.

The foundational elements of behavior change are these ideas.

This holds true whether you’re training your pet or a police dog to sniff out drugs.

Understanding how these ideas operate is the key to having effective communication with your dog.


Three Pillars of Dog Training

First of all, timing is crucial when training dogs. It relates to how a dog’s brain interprets cause and effect.

Any action a dog takes must result in a reward or consequence within 1.3 seconds for the dog to link the action to the reward or consequence.

Because of this, it happens far too frequently for humans to compliment or criticize a dog after the fact.

Help your dog understand the connection between the actions you praised.

The second tenet of our dog training philosophy is consistency. Dog and owner can communicate clearly as a result. It entails instantly responding consistently to any noteworthy conduct you wish to encourage or discourage. Dogs struggle to comprehend that while you are carrying goods in, you don’t want them to jump on you.

Once more, for the dog to understand, praise or criticism must be given within the first 1.3 seconds of the precise behavior.

The final tenet of our dog training is knowing what drives your dog.

Your dog’s judgment is influenced in this way. Positive and negative motivation come in two flavors. Make sure you positively reinforce the behavior when your dog comes to you when you call him.

You can accomplish it by praising, stroking them, or maybe even giving them a treat. If your dog jumps all over you, you should give extremely explicit negative reinforcement by ignoring your dog, withholding petting, or firmly saying no.

You’ll find that training your dog is simple and effective if you use these three building blocks.

Our trainers are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide free evaluations.

Call us right away at 214-317-4606.

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Sport Dog Training

Our dog trainers also actively compete in a variety of dog sports. We have competed in AgilityAKC obedience, French ringMondioringIPOProtections Sports of America, and many more. Due to years of experience on the trial field, we can assist with those owners who have goals of competing in specific sports.

Events and Seminars

Furthermore, Puptown Dallas dog trainers are also available to do seminars, lectures, lunch & learns and demonstrations for schools, companies, and other organizations. We love to educate the public on dog safety skills, personal protection training, importance of early socialization, even sport specific dog training and benefits.

Moreover, you can send an email to us at today to find out more!

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