Why is a Stay and Learn program right for my pup?

The behavior of your dog at home can significantly change if you send them off for training. While your pup is with us, our skilled dog trainers will put in all the professional effort to ensure they have a firm grasp on how to carry out crucial life skills in a range of settings.

Our trainers ensure that they receive ample of daily training, playtime, and individualized care while enjoying a more homelike setting.


Do you provide group classes or private lessons in addition to Stay and Learn programs?

We do provide private instruction and group classes. However, private lessons are included in your Stay and Learn package to support your learning and your pup’s training. With stay and learn program you will also get access to some of our obedience related group classes we host.


How can I be sure that my dog will behave for me when we get home?

Our stay and learn programs include trainer support so that you receive the same training as your dog. We do our part by providing you with written instructions, in-person coaching, and post-graduation support since it is crucial for success that you understand how to interact with your dog and enforce their new skills.

We even provide a performance guarantee, which means that as long as you adhere to your dog trainer’s instructions, you will have access to advice and assistance from your dog trainer (including private lessons and refresher training) to maintain the skills taught in the training program even after your puppy graduates.


Are there any exclusions for your performance guarantee?

Our guarantee has some restrictions because dogs and pups are not machines but are live, breathing beings. We will provide ongoing follow-up and refresher training to ensure that your dog maintains the skills covered in the program as long as you are upholding your end of the bargain (i.e., we need you to be actively trying to be the best pet parent you can be by following our advice, using the recommended training equipment, and using your follow-up lessons).

Any additional problems your dog may experience later in life would not be covered by our guarantee because they fall outside the purview of the training program.

However, it doesn’t mean we won’t be eager to support you as you navigate them. We would be pleased to assist you with anything that comes up with your dog and offer benefits for previous customers, such as future training refreshers at a set boarding fee.


What principles do you use when teaching dogs?

Every dog is an individual, and we think they all deserve to be treated equally, ethically, and with affection.

We utilize a combination of strong positive reinforcement and fair corrections over well-known cues and directives since we are a balanced training facility.

We adhere to a minimally invasive, least unpleasant code of ethics, and we are open and honest about the use of tools.

We are skilled in both positive and negative reinforcement (marker training, shaping, etc.), and while we aim to make training fun and motivating for all of our dogs, we also realize how crucial it is for them to realize that training is necessary for both their own safety and the safety and comfort of others.

Our aim is to produce happy, eager-to-please dogs who can accomplish more with their owners due of their reliable training.


What kind of training collar do your programs employ?

When a dog behaves properly, pet owners are typically quite adept at communicating this to them (e.g., by rewarding them with treats, toys, and affection).

But many of us find it difficult to say “no” in a concise manner.

In order to re-engage our dogs’ focus and couple it with our negative behavior indicators to aid increase communication between ourselves and our puppies, Puptown uses tactile stimulation collars (commonly referred to as electronic collars or e-collars) at low sensory levels.

We can teach our pups life-saving behaviors like returning when called, not darting into traffic, letting go of dangerous objects, and many other things by having open lines of communication with them and being able to inform them right away when they are doing something correctly or bad.

Although, we do not send these home with clients as part of their program, we do urge their use at home to continue the training and provide a link on where to get one along with all other recommended training equipment before graduation.


Will there be updates on the development of my dogs?

Yes! Throughout the program, your dog trainer will stay in touch and provide you updates, including pictures!


Can I see my dog?

Yes! We urge dog owners to drop by once a week while their pooch is in the program.

We put the skills your dog is learning into practice during those “visits,” such as how to settle down when they’re overjoyed to see you! If you’d like, you’re also free to bring your dog home on the weekends.

Owner engagement is something we constantly try to incorporate into the training process since we believe it to be crucial.


How old must my new puppy be to start training?

Prior to joining our puppy program, puppies must undergo two rounds of vaccines.

This is for the sake of your puppy’s health and safety, as well as the puppies in the program.

While we make every effort to keep pups safe, healthy, and in clean environments, just like with human babies, we must use the greatest amount of caution to prevent illness.

For “just in case” (not just for a Stay and Learn program, but for the rest of your puppy’s life! ), we highly advise getting pet insurance.


What steps are involved in enrolling in a Stay and Learn program?

Please get in touch with us and let us know the program you want to join.

We’ll send you the available dates and verify your reservation.

Pay your deposit, send us proof of vaccinations, and be ready to drop your dog off at camp!


Do you provide choices for financing?

We do provide financing options! To learn more, kindly ask us. If not, we require a 50% down payment and the remaining balance is due when you drop your dog off for training.


Do the programs have set beginning dates?

The customary day for drop-off and pick-up is Saturday. Please let us know if Saturdays won’t work for your schedule if you are trying to cover specific dates, and we will do our best to meet your scheduling requirements.


During their stay, do you use crates?

Yes! Crate training, in our opinion, is crucial to a puppy’s development of restraint and impulse control.

Puppies will be used for crate training, and adult dogs must be secure (not a danger to themselves) within the crate.


Can I view the accommodations for my dog?

We do not give visits because our programs take place inside trainers’ homes.

However, we do provide optional meet-and-greets prior to enrolling in a program, and we can also provide pictures and videos of the spaces that are designated specifically for dogs (potty areas and sleeping areas).