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You’ll discover what makes us unique as you scroll down and check out some student videos and photos. To show how much we value your dog’s companionship, we’ll bring him or her along on all of our adventures (with your approval, of course). To make sure you and Fido can take advantage of the great outdoors as much as we do, we train in a variety of environments. You and your dog will benefit greatly from the lessons in socialization and manners that will be taught.

This page is a gesture of gratitude for the hard work and dedication of our trainers, as well as an acknowledgment of the tremendous progress these dogs have made under their guidance. We are committed to keeping you updated of your dog’s development and grateful for the chance to share these updates to everyone!

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Your dog will be listed here if he or she is enrolled in or has graduated from a training program. Browse this collection to get an idea of the kinds of tricks your dog will learn. Each trainer only accepts four to five dogs at a time, so your dog will get plenty of one-on-one attention and care while in training.

Puptown’s training occurs around the clock, as opposed to the standard 1-2 hours per day in a kennel. Each day will be filled with fun activities for your dogs, such as walks, park visits, city attractions, social playtime with other dogs, and more!