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Puptown College Station’s dog trainers welcome your pooch into their homes and into their family when they visit our facility. Our dog trainers have the knowledge to suit your training requirements, whether you’re searching for obedience trainingpuppy trainingservice dog training, or private classes.

Each dog trainer at Puptown College Station has undergone rigorous training to guarantee that your pooch is in good hands. Our dog trainers attend seminars, lectures, and workshops to further their education. This guarantees that our trainers continue to learn new things, for the benefit of you and your dog!


How we Train

Every dog is different and should be trained like the individual they are! We want dogs to be happy and motivated in their day to day lives, but responsive when we need them to be. Our trainers know how to work with a wide range of doggie personalities, so whether you’re looking for puppy training, advanced obedience training, or behavior modification, we have the skillset to help you and your dog.


Three Pillars of Dog Training

First, timing is incredibly important in dog training. It has to do with the way a dog’s brain processes cause and effect. Any behavior a dog acts out must have a consequence within 1.3 seconds in order for the dog to associate that behavior with that reward or consequence. As a result, too often people praise or reprimand a dog far after the event took place. Help your dog connect the dots of what behavior you were praising.
Consistency is the second principle of our dog training philosophy. This creates clear communication between dog and owner. It means promptly reacting the same way every time to any significant behavior you want to reinforce or discourage. Dogs have a hard time understanding that you don’t want them to jump on you when you are carrying groceries in. Again, praise or correction must occur within the 1.3 seconds of the specific behavior for the dog to understand.
The last pillar or our dog training philosophy is understanding what motivates your dog. This is how your dog’s decision making is influenced. There are two types of motivation – positive and negative. If your dog comes to you when you ask him to, you want to make sure you positively motivate that behavior. You can do that by saying words of praise, offering a petting, or maybe a treat. If your dog jumps all over you you want to provide very clear negative motivation such as ignoring the dog, withholding petting, or saying no firmly.
With these three building blocks you will find training your dog easy and progressive. Our trainers offer free evaluations and are happy to answer any question you might have. Give us a call today at 832-930-0073.
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Competition Field Trial Dog Training

Our dog trainers also actively compete in a variety of dog sports. We have competed in AgilityAKC obedience, French ringMondioringIPOProtections Sports of America, and many more. Due to years of experience on the trial field, we can assist with those owners who have goals of competing in specific sports or even the show ring.

Have our dog trainers at your next event!

Furthermore, Puptown College Station dog trainers are also available to do seminars, lectures, and demonstrations for schools, companies, and other organizations as well. We love to educate the public on dog safety skills, socialization, even specific dog training, and benefits. Moreover, you can send an email to us at today to find out more!

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