Why is a Lodge and Learn program right for my pup?

Sending your pup off for training can make a huge difference in their behavior at home. Our talented dog trainers will put in all of the reps every day while your baby is with us, making sure they have a solid understanding of how to perform important life skills in a variety of places and situations. Our trainers make sure they get plenty of daily training, playtime, and one-on-one attention while in the comfort of a more home-like environment. 


Do you offer private lessons or group classes instead of Lodge and Learn programs?

We currently do not offer private lessons or group classes. Private lessons are included in your Lodge and Learn package, however, to help you learn the training skills and continue with your pup’s learning! We’ve found these programs to be the most effective way for dog owners to reach their goals with their dogs, and we want to give them the best service possible by not stretching our trainers too thin.

How do you make sure my pup will behave for me when they come home?

Our Lodge and Learn programs come with trainer support so that you are trained as well as your pup will be. It is very important for success that you know how to interact with your pup and enforce their new skills, so we do our part by sending you written instructions, giving you in-person coaching, and offering follow up support after graduation. We even offer a performance guarantee which means that so long as you are following your dog trainers instructions you’ll have access to advice and help from your dog trainer (including one-on-one lessons and refresher training) after your pup graduates from the program to maintain those skills covered in the training program. 


Are there any exclusions for your performance guarantee?

Since dogs and puppies are living, breathing creatures and not robots, our guarantee has some limitations. As long as you are holding up on your end of the deal (meaning we need you to be actively trying to be the best pet-parent you can be by following our advice, using the recommended training equipment, and using your follow up lessons) we will offer continued follow up and refresher training to make sure your pup maintains the skills covered in the program. Our guarantee does not cover issues outside the scope of the training program, so any new issues that your pup may develop later in life would not qualify for the guarantee.. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be willing to help you through them! We offer perks for past clients including future training refreshers at a set boarding rate and would be happy to help you with anything that pops up with your dog.


What are your dog training philosophies?

We believe that every pup is an individual and deserves to be treated fairly, humanely, and with love. We are a balanced training facility meaning that we use both a combination of heavy positive reinforcement as well as fair corrections over known cues and commands. We follow a least invasive, minimally aversive method of ethics and we are upfront about tool use. We are well-versed in positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement (marker training, shaping, etc) and want all of our training dogs to have fun and be motivated, but we also know it is important for dogs to understand the training is not optional for their own safety and the safety and comfort of others. Our goal is happy, eager-to-please dogs who can do more with their owners because they have reliable training. 


What type of training collar do you use in your programs?

Pet owners are usually very good at communicating when a dog has done the right thing (i.e. using food, toys, praise and pets!). Many of us, however, struggle with how to clearly communicate “no”. At Puptown we utilize tactile stimulation collars (often blanketed under the term electronic collar or e-collar) at low sensory levels to be able to re-engage our dogs focus and pair it with our negative behavior markers to help improve communication between us and our pups! Having clear communication channels with our pups and being able to immediately tell them when they’re doing something right AND when they are doing something wrong helps us train life-saving behaviors such as coming back when called, not running into the road, letting go of hazardous materials and so much more. 

While we do not send these home with clients as a part of their program, we do encourage their use at home for maintaining the training and provide a link of where to purchase one as well as all other recommended training equipment prior to graduation.


Will there be updates on my pups progress?

Yes! Your dog trainer will be in touch with you throughout the program providing updates, including photos!


Can I visit my pup?

Yes! We encourage pet parents to visit weekly during their pup’s program. During those “visits” we practice the skills your pup is learning, including how to calm down when they’re so excited to see you! You are also welcome to take your pup home over the weekends, if you’d like. We think owner participation is an important part of the training process and we always implement it if we can.

What age can my new puppy begin training?

We require that puppies have two sets of vaccinations prior to enrollment in our Puppy Program. This is for the health and safety of your puppy, and the other puppies in the program. While we do our absolute best to keep puppies safe, healthy, and in sanitary environments, just like human babies we have to exercise as much caution as possible to avoid illness. We highly recommend pet insurance for “just in case” (not just for a Lodge and Learn program, but for your puppies life!).


What is the process for signing up for a Lodge and Learn program?

  1. Check out our Lodge and Learn programs, HERE.
  2. Contact us and let us know what program you’d like to enroll in.
  3. We’ll send you available dates and confirm your booking.
  4. Pay the 50% deposit, send us vaccination records, and prepare to send your pup off to camp!


Do you offer financing options?

We do have an option for financing! Please ask us for more information. Otherwise, we take a 50% deposit and take the remainder of the payment when you pick your dog up from training.


Are there specific program start dates?

Drop off and pick up usually takes place on Saturdays. If you are looking to cover specific dates and Saturday’s won’t work for your schedule, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.


Do you use crates during their stay?

Yes! We believe crate training is an important part of a pup learning impulse control and calm behavior. We will work on crate training with puppies, and adult dogs need to be safe (not a threat to themselves) in the crate.


Can I see where my pup will be staying? 

Since our Lodge and Learn programs take place in trainers home, we do not offer tours. However we do offer optional meet & greets prior to enrolling in a program and we can also offer photos and videos of the dog-specific areas of the space (potty areas and sleeping areas).