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Service Dog Training at Puptown Houston

Puptown Houston team members educate owners on the benefits of dog training. One of our specialties is service dog training for people with special needs. We want to help owners and their companions live healthier and happier lives. Our staff works tirelessly to change the way people look at dog ownership to create a deeper bond between family and dog.

One of our training benefits is that all of our staff members are dog owners. They understand how you want your dog treated. Our experience puts us at the forefront of service dog training in the Houston area. Call or set up an appointment to visit us today to visit our facility.

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What does it take?

We train your special dogs to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. Our staff has the knowledge and skills to build a special bond of love and understanding between the two of you. Once trained, your dog will increase the range of your mobility and independence like you have never known before. Your companionship will grow and blossom into one of mutual respect and a working partnership.

Your canine will master and learn to properly respond to a number of commands needed in your everyday life. The two of you will be able to move about more freely and go to more places than ever before such as:

Your companion dog will become an angel in disguise. Your family and friends will be amazed with the improved mobility and independence in your life.

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What does it take?

Who qualifies for a service dog?

Anyone with a physical or developmental disability whose quality of life could be enhanced with the use of an assistance dog. Also professionals who are working for organizations that provide physical or mental health care to clients may benefit from interaction with a therapy dog. A therapy dog is however, not a service dog. Puptown works with a limited amount of service dog applications a year, due to the training length involved in service dog training. Puptown Houston works with grant programs who will cover the cost of the dog and service dog training to disabled veterans, emts, and first responders. If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, ptsd, mobility, or other symptoms and are a veteran, police officer, or other first responder Puptown Houston will provide all the training and find a dog suitable at no out of pocket costs.

How much does it cost?

Puptown Houston works with grant programs who provide service dog training to veterans, first responders and emts at no cost to them. There is a application process as we can only train so many dogs a year. For those who do not fall under these terms, Puptown Houston offers a discounted monthly training rate, financing, and assistance with funding. Normal costs of obtaining and training a service dog can range from $30,000-$50,000. Puptown Houston discounted service dog programs typically cost $10,000-$15,000. Contact us for more details in regards to funding, financing, and other assistance programs we offer.

Do I need to apply for a service dog?

Puptown currently does not have a formal application process. However, we ask those interested in receiving a service dog or having their current dog trained to arrange an interview time to discuss training goals, needs and interest.

How long does it take to train a service dog?

The length of time associated with training a service dog depends on the age of the dog, specific tasks the dogs needs to learn, and the learning capability of the dog. Puptown Houston prefers to be able to help choose a dog for service work, however we understand this is not always possible as you may already have a dog. Not every dog can make it through service dog training, or complete the exact goals you are looking for. A minimum of 3 months of training is required for an adult dog who already has obedience skill sets. Typical time lengths are 6 months to a year.

Are there disabilities for which you do not provide services?

We currently do not provide dogs for those who are hearing impaired, visually impaired, or require dogs who can detect. However, we can provide dogs seizure response dogs, mobility assistance dogs, PTSD dogs, and more. Please contact us for further details.
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Create a Win-Win Situation for Everyone

You will get the results you want because we treat your dog as an individual. We will evaluate your companion and create a plan that leads to reaching training goals. We have built our approach around three core principles that work time after time. They include:

Timing – We teach you and your dog to associate a behavior with its consequences. You do not want to wait too long to praise a desired behavior because your dog will not know what he is being praised for. It should come within 1.3 seconds.

Consistency – You will understand to be consistent with clear communication. You need to react the same way every time to a significant behavior your dog acts out. This way he gets the message.

Motivation – Motivation is what you do to influence your dog’s decision making. You offer positive motivation by using words of praise, petting, or giving a treat. Negative motivation is accomplished by ignoring the act, withholding petting, or saying no firmly.

By understanding your canine and following correct training principles you will reach the goals needed to enhance your lives. Puptown Houston is here for you. Contact us soon.

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