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As you scroll down to see some videos and pictures of our students, you will notice one thing that separates us from everyone else. We make sure your dog is treated like a member of the family, and therefore is taken everywhere we go (with your permission of course!). We ensure training takes place in every setting, so you and Fido will be able to enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do! Your dog will learn public manners, how to not pull you every where just because of other people and dogs, plus so much more.

This page is a small testament to not only our trainers abilities and experience but also a recognition for all that these dogs have learned. We make sure that you get regular updates on your dogs progress and want to share that progress with everyone!
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If your pup is currently in or completed a training program they will be featured here. If you are interested in seeing what your dog is capable of learning please go thru our gallery. All training is done in a home like environment, each trainer only takes in 4-5 dogs at a time to ensure 100% dedication is given to your dog during training.
Instead of the traditional kennel training of 1-2 hours of daily training, Puptown’s training is done 24/7. Your dogs will enjoy going for daily walks, outings to parks, hikes, daily play time with other dogs for socialization, and much more!