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Do you live in or near The Woodlands, TX?  If so you are fortunate enough to be close to one of the top-notch puppy and dog training businesses you can hope to find:  Puptown Houston.  For more information have a look at their terrific website.  If you have a new puppy and you want to train this little one correctly from Day One, Puptown is your answer.  Their Woodlands dog training specialists use behavioral and social based training to shape a well-mannered and well-trained pup which will be nothing less than an outstanding canine citizen plus a beautifully behaved companion for some very lucky humans.

Woodlands dog training specialists

As cuddly, adorable, and precious as puppies are, it can be hard to think on them as being capable of destruction and horrible behavior.  However, without proper training, your impossibly cute furbaby can turn into a total terror very quickly.  The experienced dog lovers at Puptown understand this paradox and are fully aware that all puppies need training to bring out the best in them.  And once you take your pup to the best professional dog trainers around, you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference early training makes.

The Puptown Difference

Puptown understands that dogs and puppies need a multi-faceted approach to training, which is why we combine obedience training and behavior modification through socialization and positive reinforcement.  To teach your puppy to place nicely with other dogs, Puptown has a unique “doggy day camp” in which dogs share time together to learn social skills and how to interact with each other politely.  We also understand that there is no “one size fits all” training approach as personalities among dogs can differ as much as those among people.  A dog might seem stubborn, unwilling, or even unintelligent, but this is just a matter of finding the right method for communicate with each puppy on a one by one basis.

At PuptownHuston we truly believe that all dogs, regardless of age or breed, are able to learn new behaviors and/or tasks.  Our experienced trainers are used to working with a wide array of dogs thus can effectively communicate with these pups to deliver the desired training results.  If a dog is having a hard time learning a new task or behavior, we will persevere until we discover what the barrier is and help that dog to overcome it with the right communication and motivation.

A Short Window

professional dog trainersPuptown trainers understand that a puppy needs a lot of love and patience when it comes to training.  We know they can bark and yap, tear apart possessions, potty all over the house, and lets you know that they do not like to be left alone.  This is why our trainers not only train puppies but also their humans to keep working with them after they leave class each day.  For example, did you know that you only have a very short window of time to correct or praise a dog for their behavior?  Any behavior a dog exhibits must have a consequence within 1.3 seconds of that behavior for a dog to associate that behavior with punishment or rewards.

People usually reprimand their pooch for something wrong far after the event has occurred thus your dog cannot understand why you are acting the way you are.  This is just another way of how Puptown trainers also train owners.  The key to communication between a pup and their owner is consistency, but patience certainly doesn’t hurt either.  Before people get a puppy, we certainly hope a person understands the level of commitment and responsibility they have taken on, especially if they truly want to have a well-behaved canine companion.

What to Expect

Puptown offers a very comprehensive puppy training program.  We teach things like controlling excessive barking, following basic commands, potty training, prevention of chasing people and/or objects, walking/heeling on a leash, developing communication between puppies and their owners, and how to correct mistakes.  With owners permission, we will even take puppies out and expose them to a number of places and situations to further socialize them to things they will most likely encounter and how to deal with these circumstances.  So if you are ready for top-tier puppy training in The Woodlands area, contact us today for great results as soon as tomorrow.


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