3 Fun Holiday Games for Your Dog

The holiday season is here, and we know how important it is to make sure your pups are part of the festive fun! Here are 3 Fun Holiday Games for Your Dog:


1. Snowball Fetch Extravaganza

Dogs love a good game of fetch, and what better way to do it during the holidays than with snowballs! No need to worry about chilly paws – we’re talking about indoor snowballs. You can create soft, plush snowballs for your pup to retrieve. Toss them gently, and watch as your dog gleefully brings them back, tail wagging with joy. It’s a great way to bring a winter wonderland indoors for your furry friend.


2. Hide-and-Seek Treat Hunt

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and we can put it to good use in a festive game of hide-and-seek. Hide small treats around the house or in your pup’s favorite play area. Encourage your dog to find them by giving a cheerful “search” command. It’s an excellent mental exercise for your pup, and the excitement of discovering hidden treasures will surely add a dash of holiday cheer to their day.


3. Jingle Bell Dance Party

Turn up the holiday tunes and have a jingle bell dance party with your dog! Tie jingle bells securely to your pup’s collar and let them prance around the house. The sound of jingling bells combined with your dog’s adorable dance moves is guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter. Join in the fun by dancing alongside your pup – it’s a festive and heartwarming activity that will create lasting holiday memories.


This holiday season, make sure your dog is included in the festivities with these three fun and engaging games. Whether it’s a snowball fetch extravaganza, a hide-and-seek treat hunt, or a jingle bell dance party, these activities will keep your pup entertained and bring joy to your home. Puptown Houston wishes you and your furry friend a pawsitively delightful holiday season filled with love, laughter, and lots of tail wags!

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