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Welcome to our

Houston dog and puppy training facility

Welcome to Puptown Houston’s North Houston training facility serving the Greater Houston area. We are able to accommodate you and your puppy for things such as Lodge and Learn training (see below), doggy daycare, and boarding.

Our spectacular facility is located in North Houston, with plenty of space to run and play! Your pup will enjoy safe enrichment year round. We have several great chill zones to keep your pup cool while outside, indoor space to play and space heaters for when its chilly! 

Our dog training center is located at 12633 Shiloh Church Rd, Houston, Texas 77066. Tours are available by appointment!

Welcome to

Puptown Lodge and Learn

Welcome to Puptown Houston and this is how we Lodge and Learn. Most owners fret leaving their puppies in a kennel situation with dozens of stressed out pups all barking for attention. With our collective years of experience we thought… there has to be a better option? Stress combined with small enclosed spaces and minimal human interaction just doesn’t sound like what we imagine a great training experience should look like.

Our trainers are dedicated to making each training experience unique and packed with learning and fun. They will enjoy all the comforts of being in home while working and training around the clock at our Magnolia facility! Each owner is provided with their trainers contact information and will receive updates throughout the program. We encourage owners to visit weekly, or even take their pups home on the weekends to improve their handling skills as their puppies learn new skills!

Give us a call at 832-930-0073 for more questions and answers!

dog training
dog training
Our Availability

We are always here

We care about your pup like they are our own, so our staff is monitoring them around the clock! Your dog or puppy is never left alone or unsupervised. Someone is assigned to look after your dog or puppy morning, noon, and night.

Sometimes all your dog needs is a warm hug or a game of fetch to keep them motivated and ready to learn. Sometimes they just want a chance to play with the pack. They will be sure to get it at Puptown Houston.

Training Programs

Customized dog training programs

Our dog obedience program is one of the most unique dog training programs available in Houston. Our singular focus is on training your dog the way that works best for them. There is no perfect fits all method when it comes to dog training, behavior modification or teaching good house manners.

If you are looking for obedience training, puppy training, service dog training, or private lessons, our dog trainers have the skills to meet your training needs.
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World top Trainers

Dog training methods

Your dog or puppy will learn continuously throughout the day, through active participation in both one-on-one and group settings. They will learn the skills they need in an environment they can feel safe, taken care of, and most importantly, loved.

At Puptown Houston’s dog training facility and obedience school, dogs are able to learn at their own pace in a way that fits their personalities.
Quick Return

Time is of the essence

No one wants to be separated from their dog or puppy for longer than they have to. Our dog training programs focus on training and returning your loved one home as quickly as possible.

Your dog will learn house manners, obedience, and socialization in a timely manner at our facility.

Give us a call today at 832-930-0073.