Managing Jumping Up: Training with Puptown Houston for Energetic Dogs

Managing Jumping Up: Training with Puptown Houston for Energetic Dogs

Encountering a dog elated to see you can be a sweet moment. However, if that joy translates into jumping on people, managing their behavior becomes significantly harder. Luckily, Puptown Houston is here to help with an excellent training regimen that targets this very common issue. Let’s take a closer look at the comprehensive approach employed by the highly-regarded training facility to manage your pup’s jumping and shape them into a polite pooch.


Understanding Jumping Up

Dogs commonly jump up when they’re happy about something—like seeing their favorite human! However, this seemingly innocent behavior may cause some issues if left unchecked. For instance, jumping on elderly people and children may lead to unwanted results, such as scratched skin. Similarly, in crowded spaces or social gatherings where everyone’s dressed up, creating chaos is far from ideal. Thus, it’s crucial to teach your pup how to greet people appropriately while ensuring decency at all times.


Puptown Houston’s Training Program

At Puptown Houston, our team understands how important it is for dog owners to address undesirable dog behaviors effectively. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive training program aimed at teaching dogs alternative behaviors instead of jumping up on people. Through this program, we rely on positive reinforcement such as rewards and verbal praise rather than negative tactics like punishment or intimidation to build preferred habits. We firmly believe that respectful relationships between dogs and their owners are key to happy homes; there’s no need for anything else!

Basic Obedience Training

At the core of managing jumping up lies training your pup to follow basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “down.” The knowledgeable trainers at Puptown Houston utilize positive reinforcement techniques to teach and reinforce these commands, granting dogs a clear idea of how to politely greet their hoomans.

Impulse Control

For many dogs, exuberance can lead to leaping up without restraint. Fortunately, Puptown Houston’s training program offers exercises specially designed to help pups develop impulse control. By working on skills like “wait” and “leave it,” dogs learn how to overcome their natural tendency and wait calmly for attention.

Counter Conditioning

At Puptown Houston, trainers rely on counter-conditioning techniques to alter a dog’s emotional response when it comes to jumping behavior. Through the use of controlled scenarios, dogs are gradually acclimated and encouraged to form positive associations with appropriate greetings. Conversely, their propensity to jump is gently discouraged. Additionally, consistent reinforcement further reinforces the idea that calm behavior yields greater rewards than jumping up.

Distraction Techniques

Training a dog to avoid jumping is crucial, and Puptown Houston’s trainers do this through the implementation of assorted distraction techniques. These methods include giving toys or treats to engage the dog and encourage them to exhibit alternate actions like sitting or lying down.


Ensuring a well-socialized pup is essential to discouraging jumping behavior. Puptown Houston’s training regimen employs supervised interactions with people and other canines to educate dogs on appropriate boundaries and how to greet others respectfully. This approach provides exposure to diverse situations, enabling dogs to apply their teachings and display positive conduct in all settings.

Consistency and Practice

Ensuring consistency in training is central to Puptown Houston’s approach. By highlighting the value of continued practice, trainers equip owners with essential techniques and tools for reinforcing training at home. This practice not only promotes progress in dog behavior but also enhances newly acquired skills.


Having our dogs jump up can cause annoyance at times; however, with the right plan of action and effective training, this issue is manageable. Puptown Houston has formed an all-around system, focusing on solutions like rewarding good behavior techniques, impulse control tactics, and constant drilling regimes that tackle problem-solving head-on concerning dogs’ jumping habits correctly. By signing up your excited pup onto their training program alongside expectations of boosted enhancement improvements in greeting gestures and overall conduct, it is inevitable; bear in mind that persistence united with composure are skills necessary on the journey to cultivating a courteous and disciplined pup.


Remember, a well-trained dog is a happy and confident companion! Contact Puptown Houston Dog Training at https://puptownhouston.com/ or 832-930-0073. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTikTok and Twitter for more training tips and inspiration!

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