Houston Dog Daycare: Your Dog’s Second Home

Puptown Houston Dog Daycare: Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

Are you a busy dog owner in Houston, Texas looking for a safe and reliable dog daycare facility for your pup? We understand the importance of finding the right care for your beloved pup, and we’re here to help alleviate your worries. With our premier services and dedicated staff, we guarantee a happy and well-cared for experience for your dog.


When Can a Dog Go to Doggy Day Care?

At Puptown Houston, we welcome dogs of all ages to our daycare facility. Whether you have a young and energetic pup or a more mature and mellow companion, our experienced staff is equipped to cater to their unique needs. Dogs who are at least 16 weeks old and have completed their required vaccinations can join in on the fun and socialization at our daycare center.


Should You Send a Puppy to Daycare?

Many new puppy owners wonder if it’s suitable to send their young pups to daycare. The answer depends on various factors, such as your puppy’s temperament, energy level, and socialization needs. At Puptown Houston, we offer a specialized Puppy Training Program alongside our daycare services, designed to provide a safe and structured environment for young pups to learn and play.

Sending your puppy to daycare can have numerous benefits. It allows them to interact with other dogs, promoting healthy socialization and improving their overall behavior. Our professional staff, extensively trained in dog behavior, will ensure that your puppy’s time at daycare is both fun and educational. They’ll receive the necessary attention and care to help them grow into well-rounded and confident dogs.


What Makes Puptown Houston Unique?

Puptown Houston stands out from other dog daycare facilities in North Houston for several reasons:


Controlled Playtime in Our Safe and Secure Facility

Safety is our top priority. Our facility is designed to provide a controlled and secure environment for your pooch to enjoy their playtime. We have separate play groups determined by dog size, temperament, and play style, ensuring that every dog has a positive and enjoyable experience.


Professional Staff Trained in Dog Behavior, Pet First Aid, and CPR

Our dedicated staff members are not only passionate about dogs, but they are also highly trained professionals. They possess in-depth knowledge of dog behavior and are certified in pet first aid and CPR. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pup is in capable hands.


Individual Dog Boarding Suites

If you require overnight boarding for your dog, our individual dog boarding suites provide a comfortable and private space for them to relax and rest. We understand that every dog has different needs and preferences, which is why we prioritize their comfort and well-being during their stay with us.


Operated by Houston’s Top Dog Trainers

Puptown Houston is proud to be operated by Houston’s top dog trainers. With their expertise and experience, we ensure that your dog receives the highest level of care and attention. Whether your pup needs basic obedience training or advanced skills development, we have you covered.


Top-Notch Cleaning and Sanitation Protocols

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is crucial to us. We follow stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols to keep our facility safe and hygienic for all dogs. Regular cleaning and disinfection routines are implemented to prevent the spread of germs and ensure the well-being of every furry guest.


Rates at Puptown Houston Dog Daycare

We offer competitive rates for our exceptional services:

  • Day Care: $30 per day
  • Day Care PLUS: $65 per day, including training sessions during daycare
  • Overnight Boarding: $65 per day
  • Discounted Boarding (for Lodge and Learn Graduates): $55 per day
  • Boarding PLUS (for graduates only): $70 per day, with daily training sessions to advance their current skillset

Contact Puptown Houston Dog Daycare Today!

If you’re ready to provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable daycare experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Visit our website to learn more about our Lodge & Learn program, Puppy Training Program, Boarding and Daycare services, Service Dog Training, or to get answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ section. You can contact us through our website’s contact form or give us a call at 832-930-0073.

At Puptown Houston, we understand that your dog is a cherished member of your family. Trust us to provide the care and attention they deserve while you’re away. Give your pup the best with Puptown Houston Dog Daycare!

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