How To Prepare Your Dog for Holiday Guests

The festive season is here, and here at Puptown Houston, we know that it can be both thrilling and demanding to have guests over at your place, especially when you have a pet. Dogs, with their energy, sometimes struggle to contain their enthusiasm. To make sure that everyone has a happy holiday experience, consider these suggestions on how to prepare your dog for holiday guests.


Teach The Climb or Place Command

A great approach to handling your dog’s behavior during gatherings is to train them with the “climb” or “place” command. This command prompts your dog to locate a spot, such as a mat or bed, and remain there until they are allowed to move. This straightforward yet effective command assists in keeping your dog. Well-behaved, minimizing the likelihood of them leaping onto guests or becoming a nuisance.
To teach your dog the climb command, begin by choosing a designated area and using a cue such as “climb” or “place” when guiding them to that spot. Reward them for remaining in that position, gradually extending the time. Through training sessions, your dog will understand that the command is linked to peaceful and composed behavior.


Early Socialization

If your dog isn’t used to having visitors, it’s important to introduce them to people and their surroundings ahead of the holiday season. Take your dog to places where they can interact with different individuals. This exposure helps them improve their skills and reduces anxiety when there are unfamiliar faces in your home.


Create a Cozy Retreat

Even the sociable dogs might require a moment away from all the excitement. Create a sanctuary for your furry friend, equipped with their beloved toys, cozy bedding, and a water dish. This designated area serves as a refuge where your dog can unwind and regain their energy whenever all the festivities become too overwhelming.


Mindful Introductions

When visitors come over, it’s important to create a controlled environment for introductions. Give your dog the chance to approach guests slowly and get acquainted by sniffing them at their pace. It’s best to avoid situations and let your guests know not to make direct eye contact or sudden movements that might startle your furry friend.


Maintain Routine

Dogs love having a routine, and any changes can make them feel stressed or anxious. It’s important to try and keep your dog’s feeding, walking, and playtime schedule as consistent as possible during busy holiday times. By ensuring your dog gets plenty of exercise and is happy, they’ll be less likely to misbehave or get too excited when guests are around.
By following these suggestions, you can make sure that your dog and your guests have a positive experience during the holidays. It’s important to have a prepared furry friend so that everyone can enjoy the holiday celebrations without any stress. Wishing you holidays from Puptown Houston!

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