Choosing Puptown Houston: Investing in Your Dog’s Future

Choosing Puptown Houston: Investing in Your Dog’s Future

I understand the importance of investing in our dogs’ future. Puptown Houston offers a balanced dog training approach and a range of services that cater to your dog’s needs.


Puptown Houston’s Rating

When it comes to choosing a dog training facility, one crucial aspect to consider is the reputation and rating of the establishment. Puptown Houston has garnered an impressive rating among dog owners and trainers alike. Their commitment to providing top-quality training and care has earned them a stellar reputation in the Houston area. Many satisfied clients have praised Puptown Houston for their effective training methods and the positive changes they have witnessed in their dogs’ behavior.


Location of Puptown Houston

Puptown Houston is conveniently located in the heart of Houston, making it easily accessible for dog owners in the area. The facility’s address is 12633 Shiloh Church Rd, Houston, Texas 77066. The central location allows you to conveniently drop off and pick up your dog, saving you valuable time.


Services Offered by Puptown Houston

Lodge & Learn Training

At Puptown Houston, they understand that some dogs require more intensive training. That’s why they offer the Lodge & Learn program. This program allows your dog to stay at the facility for a designated period while receiving personalized training. During their stay, your dog will benefit from structured training sessions, socialization with other dogs, and individual attention from experienced trainers. To learn more about the Lodge & Learn program, visit their Lodge & Learn Training page.

Puppy Training Program

Puptown Houston recognizes the importance of starting training early in a dog’s life. Their Puppy Training Program is designed to provide your young pup with a strong foundation in obedience and socialization skills. Through positive reinforcement techniques and a focus on proper behavior, your puppy will develop into a well-behaved adult dog. To find out more about the Puppy Training Program, visit their Puppy Training Program page.

Boarding and Daycare

When you need a safe and comfortable environment for your dog while you’re away, Puptown Houston offers excellent boarding and daycare services. Their facility is equipped with spacious and clean accommodations, ensuring that your dog feels at home during their stay. Whether it’s for a few hours or an extended period, Puptown Houston provides attentive care, supervised playtime, and ample exercise opportunities. To learn more about their boarding and daycare services, visit their Boarding and Daycare page.

Service Dog Training

For individuals who require assistance dogs, Puptown Houston offers comprehensive service dog training programs. These programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual, whether it’s for mobility support, hearing assistance, or other specialized tasks. Their experienced trainers work closely with clients to train and certify service dogs, empowering individuals to live more independent lives. To discover more about their service dog training programs, visit their Service Dog Training page.


Investing in your dog’s future involves choosing the right training and care facility. Puptown Houston’s balanced dog training approach, exceptional rating, and convenient location make it an excellent choice for dog owners in the Houston area. With a range of services such as Lodge & Learn, Puppy Training, Boarding and Daycare, and Service Dog Training, Puptown Houston caters to your dog’s individual needs. To learn more about their services or to get in touch, visit their Contact Us page. Start investing in your dog’s future today!

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