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At Puptown Houston, we had the absolute pleasure of working with Bobo Miniature Pinscher who successfully completed our Lodge and Learn: Puppy Training program. Bobo’s journey with us was truly exceptional. Throughout the training, Bobo displayed an eagerness to learn and a remarkable enthusiasm for making new puppy friends.

During Bobo’s time at Puptown Houston, not only did she master crucial training skills, but she also had a fantastic time getting to know and interact with other puppies. Bobo’s socialization skills thrived as she bonded and played with her newfound furry companions. Our dedicated trainers guided Bobo through various training exercises, ensuring she gained the essential skills and manners to become a well-behaved and confident pup. We’re immensely proud of Bobo’s progress and are thrilled to have been part of her journey towards becoming a happy, well-rounded, and obedient Miniature Pinscher.

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