Puptown Houston Adolescent Dog Training

Puptown Houston Adolescent Dog Training

We understand that the adolescent phase is a critical time in a dog’s life. It’s a period of growth, both physically and mentally, and how you handle their training during this stage can significantly impact their future behavior and overall well-being. This is Puptown Houston Adolescent Dog Training:


What Age is an Adolescent Dog?

The adolescent phase for dogs typically occurs between 6 and 18 months of age. This stage can be challenging for both the dog and the owner, as your once adorable and obedient puppy may suddenly exhibit behaviors that leave you scratching your head. Your once-cute pup might start testing boundaries, become more independent, or even seem to forget their previous training. It’s crucial not to get disheartened during this period; instead, invest in proper training to navigate this phase successfully.


Why Adolescent Dog Training Matters

Adolescence is a crucial time in a dog’s life, and the training they receive during this period can shape their behavior for years to come. Unaddressed behavioral issues during adolescence can lead to problems in adulthood, potentially causing stress and frustration for both the dog and the owner. At Puptown Houston, our Adolescent Dog Training program aims to instill good manners, reinforce positive behaviors, and address any challenges your dog may be facing.


The Puptown Houston Approach

At Puptown Houston, we take a personalized and positive approach to Adolescent Dog Training. Our certified trainers are well-versed in understanding the unique needs and temperaments of adolescent dogs. We tailor our training techniques to suit your pup’s personality, using positive reinforcement methods to foster lasting bonds between you and your furry companion.

Our Lodge & Learn Program

Our Lodge & Learn program is the ideal option for busy dog owners who desire a well-trained pup but may not have the time to devote to intensive training. With Lodge & Learn, your adolescent dog will stay at our state-of-the-art facility and receive focused, one-on-one training from our experienced professionals. During their stay, your dog will also enjoy supervised playtime and socialization with other compatible pups. Rest assured, your furry friend will be in safe hands and will return home with improved behaviors and new skills.

To learn more about our Lodge & Learn program, click here.

Puppy Training Program

If your dog is still in the early stages of adolescence, our Puppy Training Program is an excellent choice. The foundation laid during puppyhood sets the stage for future training success. Our Puppy Training Program focuses on essential commands, potty training, crate training, and proper socialization to ensure your puppy grows into a well-behaved and confident adult dog.

To discover more about our Puppy Training Program, click here.


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At Puptown Houston, we are dedicated to helping your adolescent dog reach their full potential. Our specialized training programs are designed to address the unique challenges of this crucial stage, setting the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness and harmony between you and your furry companion. Don’t let adolescence become a stressful time; instead, embrace the opportunity to shape your dog into the best version of themselves.

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