Puptown Houston Training for Therapy Dogs

Puptown Houston Training for Therapy Dogs

If you’re looking to transform your pup into a therapy dog that spreads joy and comfort to those in need, you’ve come to the right place! At Puptown Houston, we take pride in our comprehensive Training for Therapy Dogs program that equips dogs with the skills and temperament required to bring happiness to people’s lives.



Does Puptown Houston train therapy dogs?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to training therapy dogs that make a positive impact in the community. Our team of experienced trainers understands the unique qualities that therapy dogs should possess. Through patient and compassionate teaching methods, we help your dog become a certified therapy dog.


How does a dog become a therapy dog?

Becoming a therapy dog involves more than just learning a few tricks. It requires the right temperament and a natural inclination to provide comfort and support. At Puptown Houston, we follow a structured process to prepare your dog for this noble role.

1. Evaluation and Suitability

Not all dogs are suited to become therapy dogs, and that’s perfectly okay! During the initial evaluation, we assess your dog’s behavior, social skills, and obedience. We look for signs of friendliness, gentleness, and the ability to remain calm in various situations. If your dog exhibits these traits, they have the potential to excel in our therapy dog training program.

2. Training and Socialization

Our expert trainers design a personalized training plan tailored to your dog’s unique needs and personality. We focus on obedience training, polite manners, and socialization to ensure your dog is comfortable around different people and environments. Positive reinforcement techniques are employed to create a joyful learning experience for your furry friend.

3. Certification Process

Once your dog has successfully completed the training program, we prepare them for the certification process. This involves exposing them to simulated therapy environments, such as hospitals or nursing homes, to gauge their reactions and abilities. We also provide guidance to handlers, ensuring they understand how to work harmoniously with their therapy dogs.


What do therapy dogs do?

Therapy dogs serve a critical role in bringing happiness and emotional support to various individuals, including the elderly, children, and patients in healthcare facilities. Here are some of the incredible ways therapy dogs make a difference:

1. Easing Anxiety and Stress

Interacting with therapy dogs has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Whether it’s a challenging day at school or a hospital visit, a therapy dog’s comforting presence can have an uplifting effect on those they visit.

2. Providing Comfort and Companionship

Loneliness and feelings of isolation can be daunting, especially for older adults. Therapy dogs provide unconditional love and companionship, filling the void and bringing smiles to their faces.

3. Assisting in Rehabilitation

In rehabilitation centers, therapy dogs play a vital role in motivating patients during their recovery journey. The presence of these friendly canines can inspire individuals to engage in activities and exercises they might otherwise avoid.


At Puptown Houston, we firmly believe in the power of therapy dogs and the positive impact they make on people’s lives. Our Training for Therapy Dogs program aims to produce compassionate and well-trained therapy dogs, bringing joy to all those they encounter.

Contact Puptown Houston for more information and check out our FAQ section to get answers to common queries.

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